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Lebanon arrests 8 after Syrian refugee camp set ablaze

Lebanon arrests 8 after Syrian refugee camp set ablaze

Lebanon’s army has arrested eight people after a dispute led a group of Lebanese nationals to set fire to an informal refugee settlement. Those arrested included two Lebanese nationals and six Syrians. The fire Saturday night tore through the tented shelters of some 75 families near the town of Bhanine in the north Lebanon Miniyeh region, forcing more than 370 residents to flee.

MIDESSA 1 months

So all conservatives across the globe have the same ideology, hatred and aggression? Curious how the progressives in Lebanon feel? Surely some of them realize that hatred and division only leads to more conflict. With arrogance being the mitigating factor in American conservatism i assume it's the same there? You know we deserve more than you becouse of our place of birth coupled with the color of our skin and/or religion.

Miranda 1 months

This is heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine the amount of hatred and pure evil it must take to go after a bunch of people seeking refuge. Someone’s race, nationality etc do not dictate how worthy they are of safety and being treated as a human being. I hope that they were all able to get out safely and that they can get the support they need after this, but I’m a pessimist so I don’t think that will happen

Nik 1 months

Sadly this has also happend in belgium

Doug 1 months

Animals. Send them back to Syria.

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