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’Wonder Woman 1984’ tops pandemic opening box office collections

’Wonder Woman 1984’ tops pandemic opening box office collections

Warner Bros’ ’Wonder Woman 1984’ collected around $36.1 million at theaters worldwide over the Christmas holiday weekend. This was the highest box office opening collection for any movie released during the Covid-19 pandemic. Of that total, around $16.7 million came from US and Canadian theaters. Warner Bros also said it has fast-tracked a third Wonder Woman film with Patty Jenkins as director.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Truly a horrible movie. One of my girlfriend's friends watched it and said it was terrible. So my girlfriend and I watched it and wow ..... It was really really bad even the fighting scenes sucked. I felt like I was red a few hrs of my life

America 1 months

I will be unsupportive of hollywood for the foreseeable future. Vote with your $$$.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

I have yet to hear anyone say this was good after the first 15-20 minutes ( which is really good) so it sets up for an even greater disappointment.

Montgomery 1 months

What I find funny is that the SJW papers claim it's a success because it used up 200 million to make 30 million While other papers like buiseness insider call it one of the biggest disasters in cinema history

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 1 months

I didn't see any reviews when I went to see it today, didn't even watch previews. I was truly shocked at how bad the movie was.

Arthur 1 months

Why is entertainment in the business section!

Foshizzle 1 months

Lame.... And a white woman? Where's the virtue signalling in that?

Bogdan Buda
Bogdan Buda 1 months

i heard it was a flop.

Arthur 1 months

Once again entertainment does not belong in the business section!

Eric 1 months

I heard it was an absolute deplorable movie. Man, I wish I could get millions in sales for selling recycled trash.

Not-Illuminati 1 months

Just another cash grab sequel trying to benefit from the legitimately good movie preceding it.

Johann 1 months

I enjoyed the movie. It's not Oscar worthy by a long shot. But it was entertaining. Thats all that matters.

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