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FBI confirms Nashville bombing suspect died in explosion, his remains found

FBI confirms Nashville bombing suspect died in explosion, his remains found

The human remains found at the scene of the Christmas Day blast in Nashville match suspect Anthony Quinn Warner, the FBI has confirmed on Sunday. Earlier, authorities officially named Warner, 63, as a person of interest in the case, one day after searching his home in Antioch, Tennessee. They also said although they were still following leads, there is ’no indication’ that others may be involved.

IvoryDove 1 months

AT&T made a huge mistake by bidding on the job to analyze the Dominion servers stored at that location. But, the good news is that the state of Tennessee can report "no evidence of voting fraud was found" in the rubble.

bill 1 months

Good news Trumptards. The sophistication of this terror attack is above your intelligence.

John 1 months

I guess the (clearly visible) descending smoke trail prior to the explosion won’t be investigated. You know, like Hillary’s laptop, Weiner’s laptop, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Epstein’s intitial 40+ rapes, Seth Rich’s “robbery”, Epstein’s “suicide”, Comey submitting false evidence & lying under oath, Ruby Freeman’s suitcases....

Doug 1 months

I don't know anything about any houses. Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. These made the list of the top 10 lies of the last 2 years.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

And let all the wackadoos come out. So ppl really think this was a foreign terror attack? Lol if so wouldn't they try and inflict damage like killing ppl to make a statement? Or they just send off a warning shot and we are just going to sit back and take it. Lol. Ah the good ol conspiracy nut job out in full force. Time for me to have some fun with these deplorables

Donald 1 months

Differing camera angles reveal 2 key facts that are conveniently hidden : 1) explosion DID NOT come from RV 2) vapor trail recorded prior to came from above... Now for the experts: Directed Energy Weapon, or..what..? Havana Syndrome related? Gunshots or Another weapon (DEW)?

O'Brien 1 months

2+2= ?

chichimoro 1 months

Top in U.S.