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China jails citizen journalist for 4 years over Covid-19 reporting

China jails citizen journalist for 4 years over Covid-19 reporting

Zhang Zhan, a former lawyer, has been handed a four-year prison sentenced by a Shanghai court after being charged with ’picking quarrels and provoking trouble’ for her live reporting during the initial days of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Zhang, 37, used social media to report the unfolding crisis. She is among several whistleblowers who have been jailed by China for bypassing censorship.

Montgomery 1 months

But China's official stance is that the virus didn't start there... so how could they wistle blow ... and why was it classified?

Jon 1 months

How can anyone in the West see that reporting on a pandemic gets you a conviction for PICKING FIGHTS, which carries a four freaking year sentence, and then think that Frre Speech is bad and repressive Socialist governance is good? Hell, the vast majority of conversation in America, especially by those protesting, and damn near every post on this app, would probably get a sentence from China.

Foshizzle 1 months

Pay attention USA for those that are enjoying their censorship. One day it's going to go against what you like and support, then what will you think about it?

C 1 months

In China, the truth shall NOT set you free!! Communism is the biggest lie ever told, look it still lies and always will!

david dindu
david dindu 1 months

China: damn you west Nile virus.... Damn you Ebola.... Damn you spanish flu Trump: damn you wuhan flu China: that's waaasis! Dems: yes. very racist

Diddy 1 months

This is what you left leftists voted for! Beijing Biden, in bed with China, the biggest threat to the world yet people want to say it's racist to have nationalism. Get out of here with that garbage. Nationalism is inherit in every country, and I refuse to be told I'm wrong for having pride in my country. You people need to wake up or you're the ones to be thrown in jail next when China takes over.

Donald 1 months

USA is a boiling pot of froggies....not all but most will boil until de@th

Highlander 1 months

This is what the establishment have planned for those who report the truth. Sensorship sound like a good idea when it is in your favour, but it never rests there. Imagine you personally witness a crime by a high level official, but the next day there is no mention of the crime on any news outlet. Imagine then that you are called as a witness to the crime you saw with your own eyes only to be called a liar and a conspiracy theorist by the same media who were not at the scene and gave no idea what actually happened. This is where it ends. Imagine the fact that many people in China are not aware of the events of Tianaman Square. The Chinese government have wiped this mass slaughter from their history books and those who witnessed this crime dare not speak of what happened in public. This is where America is heading. Hundreds of people who personally witnessed fraud and inpropities in the counting are being called liars and are having their lives threatened. The mainstream media refuse to acknowledge there is any fraud whatsoever even to the point of claiming this was the most secure election in American history which is clearly an unadulterated lie.

P4OUR 1 months

Well… at some point in time, China will realize that locking people up for crimes like these MAKE BIGGER HEADLINES and stay with people longer than the initial controversial report does! I didn’t know who she was, or even who first reported it... but I'll remember her, NOW!

FactCheckerNeil 1 months

If anyone's wondering why people from countries that have censorship laugh at people crying censorship when websites follow their own moderation rules then this is why. If the government starts forcing all websites to remove things and arrest those who upload things they don't like then it'll fit the definition of censorship and they'll get voted out of office or forced to resign.

Miranda 1 months

Poor woman, this is truly abhorrent. Nobody should be arrested for what they say, especially whistleblowers who are doing such an important and necessary job

Patrick 1 months

The ONLY accurate news reporting in the world comes out of CCP. I have some ocean front property in Arizona I'd like to sell you too, interested?

6Million$Mansplainer 1 months

People are so much more free in China, huh YK?

Doug 1 months

I'm surprised the CCP didn't use forced organ harvesting.

Donald 1 months

But here in the United States where women are really oppressed and treated lower then 2nd class citzens!!

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 1 months

You mean just like how we our involved with julian Assange being in jail now

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Beijing Biden approves this message

coughdrop1989 1 months

Censorship like this is coming to a country near you soon thanka to FB and Twitter.

David 1 months

And China knows nothing, riiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhttttttt

S 1 months

Biden voters must be very excited about this

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