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Days after being shot, seven year old girl dies in Atlanta

Days after being shot, seven year old girl dies in Atlanta

Days after getting shot in the back of the head by a stray bullet, seven year old Kennedy Maxie has died. The girl got shot while out Christmas shopping with her family. She spent the next five days in the hospital. This year has been the deadliest in two decades in Atlanta with 155 murders. 2019 saw only 99 murders which shows the huge increase in the number this year.

Mike 1 months

So sad! This happens way to often. More often then cop vs. POC ...where is HER protests!! Where is the outrage riots in the streets?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Where's blm🤔 crickets of course. Her like 100% matters these career criminal who do''t obey cops do NOT matter.

justsayin 1 months

Atlanta is a lawless city now that the Mayor withdrew her support for the police. Shootings and carjackings in this area are the new norm.

coughdrop1989 1 months

Wheres the protest and riots for this? Oh thats right it doesnt fit your agenda my bad. Messed up thing is the person who fired the gun will probably not comply with a cop, get shot and we'll riot over that. Pathetic.

Satan411 1 months

The only way to protect our children is to give them handguns.

Trevelyn 1 months

SORRY TO SAY .BLM and ANTIFA do not care . She is a child and black .I bet they are walking around saying . Snitches Gets Stitches .

Foshizzle 1 months

BLM!... Oh wait, doesn't apply here. Very sad.

Donald 1 months

Good thing it wasn't a police officer that pulled the trigger, you know because BLM

solodolo 1 months

Self accountability is missing in these communities

Mike 1 months

Where's the outrage?..this is why blm has no credibility

Eric 1 months

Absolutely disgusting.

Nate 1 months

Shame on all of you using this to push your own agenda

Ellen 1 months

Who shot her. Black Lives Matter so who shot her. Was it an Indian or perhaps a Russian, maybe it was a Japanese, could be an Asian- it definitely could be - or perhaps- gasp - a white. And worse a White Man. Wait, wait, it must have been a policeman who forgot Black Lives Matter. Especially the life of a young black girl. Strangely there is not much about the perpetrator(s). Could it be....oh say it isn’t so, could it be that a Black Man (the greatest thing that ever lived, my TV tells me so) was not a respecter of Black Lives Matter.

Doug 1 months

And this what defunding the police gets you.

bill 1 months

I complain when BLM protests. I also complain when they don’t. I am an idiot. See above⬆️

Purple Media
Purple Media 1 months

Sad it happened. The news at least reported 1 out of the 155 deaths. Sigh

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