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Nashville bomber’s motive ’may never be known,’ authorities say

Nashville bomber’s motive ’may never be known,’ authorities say

Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner’s motive behind carrying out the Christmas Day attack ’may never be known’ as Warner himself was killed in the blast, an official said. Talking to media, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation chief David Rausch said, ’We hope to get an answer. Sometimes it’s just not possible,’ adding, ’We may never find the exact reasoning behind the activity that took place.’

Just an ordinary
Just an ordinary 1 months

I'm confused, didn't they say he did it because of a 5g conspiracy? Or was that msm jumping the gun again?

O'Brien 1 months

His intention was to transcend his mortal trolling existence and become at one with the Great Meme Consciousness. Downtown!

PappaOwl 1 months

The guy probably just wanted the nation to notice when he offed himself. And he got what he wanted so get ready for copy cats

justsayin 1 months

I must be racist... the minute so heard about this I thought it was a crazy loner white guy!

Rocky 1 months

I'm so shocked that this completely not suspicious incident also miraculously has no motive. Wow. 🙄

Doug 1 months

Wondering if gunshots heard before explosion were him shooting himself - and was already dead before explosion.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

When you're alone And life is making you lonely You can always go Down town

Said Ayman
Said Ayman 1 months

Oh my God, why what is wrong with these terrorists... Oh wait, it's an American. I guess he was just troubled and had a lot going on in his life.

Zachary 1 months

Weird. Did we ever get a motive for the Vegas shooter, or did the alphabets quash that one too?

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