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Black church fire in Massachusetts investigated as ’hate crime’

Black church fire in Massachusetts investigated as ’hate crime’

A fire at a Massachusetts black church is being probed as a possible arson. The fire on Monday morning damaged the Martin Luther King Community Presbyterian Church in Springfield. Mayor Domenic Sarno said, ’It looks to be an arson type of situation and we are reviewing (the close-circuit) cameras.’ The Springfield fire commissioner said the church burned at night, so it’s a potential ’hate crime.’

Eric 1 months

It’s being investigated as a possible arson. Only once they determine yes it was arson could they then start speculating about motive. The fire commissioner saying it’s likely a hate crime because it happened at night is bullocks.

808HIvibes 1 months

Don’t worry those racists will soon destroy themselves with all their hate and join their friends in jail.

Newme 1 months

A fire burned down a bakery here, started in a dumpster at night. Must be a hate crime on donuts

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Burnthem all!!!

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