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’I regret nothing,’ says Walter Reed doctor who criticized Trump’s drive-by

’I regret nothing,’ says Walter Reed doctor who criticized Trump’s drive-by

Dr James Phillips, the Walter Reed physician who criticized President Donald Trump for greeting supporters outside the naval hospital after being treated for Covid-19, has been taken off from the roster. However, a defiant Phillips took to Twitter and said, ’Today, I worked my final shift at Walter Reed,’ adding, ’I stand by my words, and I regret nothing.’ Phillips was a contract employee there.

Marcin 1 months

Eh, this is a bit misleading. The articles listed here attempt to illustrate an instance of right-wing cancel culture by strongly implying he was fired as a result of criticizing Trump.. but none actually manage to make that link. He could’ve been removed for any number of reasons unrelated to his views about Trump’s retarded drive-by.

Brutus 1 months

Na na na na, hey hey, goodbye Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye

Trevelyn 1 months

Stop the bull shit . Your trying to slam him for waving out a closed window. What about the doctors and nurses less than 6ft apart? Dancing on Tick tock Videos .When they claim the hospital are full of people dying in the hallways .Explain that Lie .

Doug 1 months

Working for the government, or in the military, teaches you one thing. Criticize your superiors and your career is trashed. This isn't even limited to the government. Do you think Twitter would keep an employee after said employee berated Jack Dorset? It's not even something stunning and brave. It simply shows a person doesn't have foresight or self control.

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