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House to vote on $2000 stimulus checks on Monday

House to vote on $2000 stimulus checks on Monday

The House of Representatives is set to vote on increasing the direct payments in the year-end coronavirus relief bill to $2,000. The legislation was signed into law by President Donald Trump on Sunday, after days of saying that he would veto the measure because it includes only $600 stimulus checks. The Senate is not expected to pass the larger direct payments even if the House does so.

Sherri 1 months

Republicans are against the 2000. They don't want it because they'd rather work their minimum wage jobs, get covid and rely on the ACA for their Healthcare. Prove me wrong. Ignorance has a face and it looks conspicuously like the cult of trump...

Zreak 1 months

Does anyone have a breakdown of which measures in the bill were introduced by which politicians? I want to know who is trying to give our money away to foreign governments when our own citizens are losing their livelihoods. Congress just hijacked the covid relief bill that was supposed to be for the american people so they could steal the money for their special interests. Yet some of you are still trying to engage in partisan politics and blame the other side?? Wake up! Both sides are crooked F#$%@ that don't give a crap about the people.

Yoda 1 months

Riiight, so where are they? #ForcetheVote

Billy 1 months

This is what democrats wanted from the start. I was a Democrat all my life, but the way these two parties acted is deplorable. No one seems to care about the largest majority of Americans, the regular or poor people. The haves keep it and the have notes will never get it. It's a sad commentary about the human race. It will never change.

Rebecca 1 months

When I read that Canada gives most if their middle & poorer level citizens a stimulus every month of over $1000 ( I forgot the exact amount) what this country has paid it's citizens is a pittance of help. Today I heard our congress gave themselves another raise. I hope that's not true but I wouldn't be surprised. Such greedy, lazy leaders -- especially the GOP.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 1 months

Actually I don't mind the fact that we are going to get only $600 now. it will make it so much more satisfying to get the $2000 after January 20th, to feel the difference in the way the administration and the President treats Americans as a whole, with understanding and respect, unlike Donald Trump. The looooser that lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020, the looooser that lost the electorate vote in 2020 and, the loooooser that will on January 20th turn back into a pumpkin, who will likely run away to South America or Russia for the rest of his life.

Jon 1 months

Republicans don't want 2k for Americans. Who wants to bet it doesn't pass in the Senate? Any takers? Of course not because you know I'm right.

Jon 1 months

Trump is calling for more direct aid to Americans. Pelosi brought up the bill today and voted and now it goes to the Senate where Republicans go directly against Trump. Choose your side 🥸

dan 1 months

$600? do I get an IOU for $800?

Matt 1 months

Y'all are so busy fighting the partisan game, that you didn't realize that any form of this stimulus took over half a year, and is broad and generic. Shotguns versus street signs kind of accuracy. Our dinosaur government couldn't act to save struggling people and businesses, because they couldn't decide the best method to save us with our own money. I don't need $600. Our businesses grew this last year, and we live below our means. Very little debt, and the businesses keep a lot of what I COULD transfer to a personal account as income. Our businesses qualify for PPP, but we didn't ask for it. My family, which includes four children, stand to get $3600. Keep the money. Find a way to give it to someone that needs it. I know I can give it away, but I'd rather our government act faster, and disburse it to the needy first, instead of costing us so much just for the luxury of having a late, half-a$$ed pittance for the financially drowning. But at least the tried? Jebus.

Aleks 1 months

They didn’t, lots of Republicans voted for it. So thank you Donald for screwing over the senate Republicans that will have show their true color here And with a bit of luck they also lose the two Georgian seats

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months

Hears hoping it fails... ridiculous waste of money.. that the democrats are all to eager to jump on (massive red flag... especially if they agree with Trump)

NateTheNewt 1 months

Just open the economy up again. Government is already bankrupt. In the end they are just pretending they aren't giving out IOUs

Barry 1 months

This is just so the Republican representatives can unanimously vote it down

Jason 1 months

Should read, house to waste government time again. Like it will pass. Time for Georgia to change color.

Jeff 1 months

More State Propoganda by CNN, aka Communist (Fake) News Network, the main Democrat Communist Party political action committee. Wherever the report says "an offical" or "a source"...know that it is probably made-up disinformation ordered by the Democrat Communist Party.

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