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WHO warns future pandemics could be worse than coronavirus

WHO warns future pandemics could be worse than coronavirus

Senior WHO officials are warning that despite it’s high transmission rate, Covid-19 has a relatively low fatality rate. The WHO warns that future pandemics are possible, even likely and that one with a higher rate of fatalities could be catastrophic to economies around the world. They are urging world leaders to use lessons learned from Covid-19 to prepare for future pandemics.

Canadian Man
Canadian Man
John 1 months

Of course. The lockdowns can never end, more civil liberties must be sacrificed & govt must be given more & more power over our lives, movements, work @ personal associations. I can’t believe people are falling for this.

Steven 1 months

The WHO didn't predict this pandemic so now they're predicting future pandemics? The WHO's response to the current pandemic has been woeful, why should we trust them now? I don't always agree with Trump but he was correct about WHO...

porcus 1 months

Well. It would be hard to be *less lethal* than the coof coof, so yes, some future pandemic would have to be worse. This is a no-brainer, obvious thing ..

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

At least they are admitting that the virus isn't that deadly. However, countries really need to be more prepared for pandemics just in case we do get one in the future that really is deadly. Just imagine how screwed the planet would've been if it were as deadly as some fear mongers claimed.

Foshizzle 1 months

Making Big Pharma greater again!

James 1 months

Speaketh the sages from WHO - and some future pandemics won't be as bad... Tell me something anyone could figure out for themselves.

Rose 1 months

Yeah, they could be worse. All this because humans don't like being told what to do, even when it will keep them from dying. Just a little self control goes a long way. I'm tired of being stuck inside, I'm tired of not going for a martini, I'm tired of not being able to walk the boardwalk .... because I'm a 71 year old with kidney failure, and the rest of you WON'T WEAR MASKS!

Nik 1 months

Deffinitly if we keep thise china loving idiots whi niw run the who, also the reason this pandemic was so heavy, was because of hiw light it was, people got it and it took a week before they showed symptoms, while they would spread the diseas, this virus is so dangerous cause it so weak.

jay 1 months

this is an actual investigation on covid 19 and the vaccine....

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