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Russia admits its Covid-19 death toll over three times higher than reported

Russia admits its Covid-19 death toll over three times higher than reported

Russia said its Covid-19 death toll was over three times higher than it had reported earlier. This makes Russia the third-worst country in terms of the death toll due to the virus after the United States and India. Giving the updated figures, Moscow said more than 186,000 Russians have died in the pandemic. Observers had doubts about Russia’s official Covid-19 stats since the pandemic started.

Robert 1 months

Come on... We all know China is probably 5x worse than even the USA. If Russia has been lying about it, China is listed in the dictionary as under "example of what it means to cover the truth"

Seekster 1 months

Frankly all major countries have likely manipulated yheir Covid-19 numbers for political benefit.

Aleks 1 months

The Russian government lies about everything. Invading other countries, helping Manchurian candidates both in Europe and the USA, shooting down planes, poisoning people... just to name a few

Simply Stated
Simply Stated 1 months

And the US death toll is WAY overstated. Since states received federal funding based on the number of COVID deaths, people who died from other causes but tested positive for COVID were listed as COVID death.

Chris 1 months

Well, well, well, that’s such a surprise! Russian death toll from COVID-19 far higher than it’s reported figures! Always so open and truthful in its relations with the rest of the world, one begins to wonder why now; with this sudden openness for profoundly disturbing news, of its real total of deaths from this terrible virus?

Martin 1 months

People saying the Chinese and Russian government lie about everything yet, support the lies their own government is feeding them about this ''dangerous'' virus. Ironic.

Michael 1 months

China was supposedly burning bodies by the thousands at cremation facilities picked up by satellites. Russian figures are irrelevant compared to the source of the outbreak. More interesting data would be is the health of the inviduals prior to covid infections.

Leviathan 1 months

If C19 is, or was, as bad as these so-called experts claim then why are we NOT hearing about entire third world populations going completely extinct?

Delterra 1 months

I love that the right loves to tout that the u.s. is over reporting but every other country must be under reporting, even if they have a similar death toll to the u.s..

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 1 months

Don’t act so surprised. The United States is more inclusive than most other countries at reporting medical situations. We are one of the only countries to count stillbirths, premature births resulting in death, and under 5lb birth weight that results in death as infant mortality. The reason we have higher mortality rates for a lot of things is due to us actually counting things as dying. Most other countries, especially the other “developed” ones, don’t describe those three types of babies as infant mortalities. They are in effect miscarried (stillbirth) or were not considered alive unless they actually survive past infancy (premature birth and under 5lbs birth weight). All of those other countries most likely have under-represented mortality, while it stands to reason with the way things are reported here that the US has over-represented its mortality rate. We like to attribute as many causes as possible and proscribe personhood to everyone, whereas that’s not the case most everywhere else.

Lexus 1 months

"Russia has been criticised for only listing Covid deaths where an autopsy confirms the virus was the main cause" that's why their numbers were low in the past.

Change Matters
Change Matters 1 months

When the establishment (biden/haris) takes office you can expect propaganda like this to be more common.

Big 1 months

Can't even trust Russia! Unbelievable!

yuckycrumpet 1 months

And trumpets will no doubt feel better about themselves. While the US has been doing the same thing. Not that it matters. Apparently that’s ok when trump causes it.

Doug 1 months

China's numbers are such a lie, no one can find where the truth was hidden.

Barry 1 months

Ya don't say

Pat 1 months

Not a surprise

Luke 1 months

Russia's government wasn't completely truthful? Gee, I'm shocked.

Chrisby 1 months

Its probably even higher.

The Big Dawg
The Big Dawg 1 months

I am shocked. SHOCKED. Well, not that shocked.

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