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Ahead of Senate runoffs, judge orders to stop voter purge in 2 Georgia counties

Ahead of Senate runoffs, judge orders to stop voter purge in 2 Georgia counties

A judge in Georgia halted two counties from purging voters based on unverified change of address data. US District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner ruled that the counties can’t remove any challenged voters in Ben Hill and Muscogee counties from the registration lists on the basis of National Change of Address data. Gardner is the sister of former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

IvoryDove 1 months

People who have moved out of the state want to vote and the Democrats are defending their right to vote in former states despite the fact that they have moved to another state. To deny former residents their ability to vote in elections in former states is "suppression". Got it.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 months

Weren't the dems just screaming about the federal government getting involved in how states run their elections? Now, all of a sudden, it's OK? Guess the problem was really WHO benefited from the 'interference'.

O'Brien 1 months

How the hell could Abrams sister not recuse herself from the case? Just shows how bent this state has become.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

“The two counties had sought to purge thousands of voters from the rolls based on what local election officials called unreliable change of address data. The vast majority of them included 4,000 in Muscogee County, which President-elect Joe Biden won by a large amount in November, and another 150 in Ben Hill County.” Shocker, an attempt to suppress democratic voters in a southern state. If trump focused on minimizing the very real thing that is voter suppression as much as he focuses on imaginary voter fraud our democracy would be so much stronger.

Mabepi 1 months This is a 1 hr + video from the Ukrainian's exposing Biden's illegal doings overseas. As the saying goes, "you can lead a libtard to evidence but you can't make them read/understand it"

ttocsick 1 months

I smell another failed attempt at a free and fair election. Sadly, it's becoming one of those kinds of odors so prevalent and present you don't smell it anymore. The total immergence of chit odor on smell receptors, swell

Rocket 1 months

No surprise here, just another CORRUPT CLOWN🤡💩 in a black robe!

Barry 1 months

Why wait till the last second to purge them? Ok delay the election, purge them and then tell everyone they have to re register

yuckycrumpet 1 months

I smell desperation

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