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Will keep registry of people who refuse COVID-19 vaccine:Spanish health minister

Will keep registry of people who refuse COVID-19 vaccine:Spanish health minister

Salvador Illa, the Health Minister of Spain announced that the nation will begin keeping a record of those who refuse a COVID vaccine and will share that information with other nations in the European Union. The registry will not be made public, however, and employees will not have access to the records, the minister further announced. He also emphasized the vaccine will not be made mandatory.

WarsmithBob 1 months

So the vaccine isn't mandatory, but if you refuse we will put your name on a list that we will share with other countries. But don't worry, we super-duper-pinkie-swear that this list will remain totally confidential and that no government officials or civil servants will leak it, nor will it be used against you in any way

Bart 1 months

Soon: Spain building special districts to relocate all the people who didn't vaccinate, for the safety of society. No it's not going to be called ghetto, what do you mean having two lighting bolts and a scull on police uniform is not classy, well can we at least put a star on the clothes of those who refused to vaccinate, so they are easily distinguished as untermensh, I mean danger to society?

Eric 1 months

It’s not mandatory, but you will be blacklisted completely.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Which means you are keeping a register for the people who took it too. Lol.

noonespecific 1 months

Those conspiracy theory spewing people were right again.

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