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Second COVID wave in France deadlier than first

Second COVID wave in France deadlier than first

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is deadlier than the first which was seen in France according to French official numbers. According to the numbers, the last five months have already seen 32,500 deaths while 30,300 had died during the period from February-to-July. New restrictions are being considered by the government which could include banning of all non-essential travel as well.

Ralph 1 months

It has been deadlier because it is also combined with the flu. but nobody's checking for that...

Donald 1 months

Gotta love that 5g being turned on.. Push all the comorbidities over the edge with toxic EMF

So 1 months

Scandemic spreading fear as a weapon to push people into the euthanasia fake vaccine

Glen 1 months

Predicted last June by Bill Gates! What's wrong with this picture???

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 1 months

They're only on their 2nd wave? Jealous.

Alex 1 months

Can't we have a break from all the fear mongering.... 🙄

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