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Fewer mass shootings in year marred by pandemic, civil unrest

Fewer mass shootings in year marred by pandemic, civil unrest

Even though the year 2020 was marked by a deadly pandemic, civil unrest and political and economic turmoil, there was one good news which emerged from this year: 2020 saw the fewest mass shootings which took place in the public, in a decade. This could be because most people stayed indoors due to lockdowns which were put in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Foy 1 months

But a massive increase in poverty, depression, domestic abuse, drug/alcohol abuse, suicides just to name a few things. Don't be fooled there is no silver lining to being controlled by your government.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Amazingly and gun and ammo sales are at an all time high. There are none on the shelf. There goes that narrative.

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 1 months

This maybe one argument your local authoritarian will use to continue the lockdown after COVID.

David M. Bebber
David M. Bebber 1 months

People are being forced to stay away from one another... Makes sense that there would be less interpersonal violence. Suicide rates however are skyrocketing.

Jason 1 months

Wow really! Who would have guessed. Idiots.

Glen 1 months

I see someone hasn't been to Chicago lately.

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