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A year ago, Nashville bomber’s girlfriend told police he was making a bomb

A year ago, Nashville bomber’s girlfriend told police he was making a bomb

An AP report citing documents said the girlfriend of the Nashville bomber, Anthony Warner, told police that he was building bombs in an RV trailer at his residence, a year ago. This happened when police were called to Pamela Perry’s home in Nashville on August 21, 2019 after getting a report that she was making suicidal threats. At that time, she told them Warner often talked about making bombs.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

I doubt very seriously he voluntarily sat in that RV until it exploded. I suspect someone placed him in there. I don't really know why but this smells of foul play so hard that you'd think we were at the pier by the ocean or something.

Delterra 1 months

Of course he wasn't stopped even when police recieved a warning, he's white🤮🤮

fassil 1 months

White folks fragility ? Certainly ! Grievance ? Of course, with all the Privilege they were used to ! The Crime commited ? Delusional and tribalist- Egomaniac as usual

Canna 1 months

This kind of thing is why it should take more schooling and training to be a police officer. Currently, it takes more effort to become a pastert chef then a police officer. That needs to change.

Yoda 1 months

I really couldn't care less about this guy, he died, blown up in his own trailer, probably accidentally or intentional suicide, who gives a fuck, noone else died.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months

Ok.. so a suicidal woman is making complaints about the dude building bombs... if I were in the officers shoes I wouldn't have listened either... as the woman was possibly out of her mind

John W
John W 1 months

At least 25 Americans were killed during protests and political unrest in 2020 Double standard? $1 billion-plus riot damage is most expensive in insurance history

Elliot 1 months

There is always a price to pay for the freedoms we are privileged to have. It's unfortunately how it works and the system seemed to work as it should. While we can wish that the officers could do more, it would be an infringement of each of our rights to not abide by the law as they did. So what's the answer? Im pretty sure most will not know but things like this happen often. Hopefully those in charge figure it out so things like this happen less.

S 1 months

Maybe he was a manchurian candidate.

White mana matters
White mana matters 1 months

Stir division with the media : win stupid bombing prises!

Franklin 1 months

Police/2nd Amendment: He has the right to make bombs and guns; wait until you see his Howitzer that shoots Mini Nukes! 😆😂🤣

bad news bear
bad news bear 1 months

It's ok, I'm sure Biden is going to find this nashville bomber and prosecute on the highest level

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