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Hunter charged with homicide, claims shooting death of man was accidental

Hunter charged with homicide, claims shooting death of man was accidental

A hunter fatally shot a man he asserts he mistook for an animal during a hunting trip. He was charged with homicide and weapons violations. The victim was shot once in the back of the head while sitting with his girlfriend at the edge of the lake in a Pennsylvania state park. He died two days later. The hunter left the scene after the shooting. He has been denied bail. No court date has been set.

Iam 1 months

Any hunter or shooter knows or should know that your target must be CLEARLY identified before firing. Whenever you fire at a target, be it a deer, a paper target, or a tin can, you also have to be aware of what is BEHIND the target. My neighbor accidently shot someone (non-fatal) deep in the woods, because he didn't look to see if anyone was behind or "down range" of where he was shooting.

The Autarch
The Autarch 1 months

Happens more than you'd think. Hunters wear bright orange (or are supposed to) to be visible to other hunters and avoid getting shot. This is tragic, and must have been terrifying for the girlfriend who was sitting next to the victim when it happened.

IvoryDove 1 months

Crash landed an F-14 and had deer antlers stuck in his helmet? It's been known to happen.

Doug 1 months

This is what you get when you fire your weapon without visually verifying your target first. Any hunter safety class teaches you not to fire blindly. Too bad very few people pay attention.

Miranda 1 months

If you can’t tell the difference between a person and an animal, you shouldn’t have a gun

Forrest 1 months

Somebody tell Ryan Murphy

James 1 months

Possibly covid related?

JoeSchmo 1 months

One of the Cheney clan?

bobby_5150 1 months

People with guns be €razy. That's why I hunt out of season. /s

LoveMyCats 1 months

Finally Hunter Biden is caught and will be going to jail!! God bless America

Franklin 1 months

That Human Was Dressed As An Elk! I Swear! 🤔😆😂🤣

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