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Pence hits back at Biden for criticizing Trump on ’slow’ Covid vaccine rollout

Pence hits back at Biden for criticizing Trump on ’slow’ Covid vaccine rollout

Vice President Mike Pence lashed out at President-elect Joe Biden for criticizing President Donald Trump over ’slow rollout’ of the Covid-19 vaccine. Pence tweeted that Operation Warp Speed was on track to distribute 20 million doses of the vaccine by next week. He then added that millions of Americans have been vaccinated and millions more will be, adding, ’This is no time for playing politics.’

Jon 1 months

Can you imagine being so brain dead and clueless that you keep voting for Mitch McConnell. Yikes. I'd be scared to meet these people in public, deranged lunatics.

MIDESSA 1 months

"Mike Pence lashed out" bwahaahaaa Mike pence hasn't the spine to lash out at anyone. Kamala tore him up in debates.

Greg King
Greg King 1 months

I kind of remember the "experts" there would not bena vaccine until next year or longer because vaccines take years to make, yet here we are with two approved vaccines and third on the way. Yet now everyone is saying its taking to long to vaccinate people, you all need to really do a simple google search and maybe read the CDC report for yourselves, or maybe you all like being an echo chamber for all the reports that ignore the facts in the CDC report.

Highlander 1 months

The absolute last thing any Dem can criticize Trump for is the role out of vaccinations. If it were not for Trump there would not have even been a vaccination available for at least another 2 years. Biden is an idiot.

Custodio 1 months

Trump has no one to blame but himself. He said, 100 million doses would be given out by the end of the year. Trump was off by 98 million.

GreenMachine 1 months

What aggravates me is that for all the complaint about Trump not one Democrat has given a legit alternative plan. I can tell you what Obama could have done better in policy. I can tell you what Bush could have done better both policy and militarily. No one has pointed to one thing that the Trump team should have done to save more lives from COVID.

Jon 1 months

What will really determine the validity of Biden's comment here will be "How many Americans are vaccinated already when Biden gets sworn in?" As a percentage, if we hit 60%, the job of achieving artificial herd immunity will have been accomplished before he can do anything at all. Whereas if the percentage is much lower, say 15% as a guess, then that would be an effort that cries out for help from the next President.

anon 1 months

Multiple vaccines becoming available and licensed, in some manner, within 8-10 months is incredible. Funny how industry can do things when there is a reason to do it. One political side using that "long time" against the other just goes to prove how corrupt politicians can be. "Making them look bad, even if they aren't, is good for me me me!" Town people, whatever party they belong to. #VoteThemOut #NoMoreCareerPoliticians #NoMoreLobbyists

Celeo 1 months


Eric 1 months

Throughout Trump’s presidency I’ve come to appreciate Pence more and more.

Robert 1 months

You need plenty of criticism too jerk. What themhell have you DONE, bullshit because you were always ABSENT fornweeks on end. You are a COMPLETE FAILURE and you know that’s,true. You spend too much time kissing 😽 Trump’s big flabby lose skinned fat ass, and a hell of a lot of crap for the Covid crisis. You’ve got a lot of deaths,on,you’re conscience and I hope it keeps flashing over and over. Forget Trump you are there just to get the far right religious vote, you got it in 16 but not this year Donny baby. It’s ALL gone and I don’t care if you turn to gold, you’re NOT WANTED, just like Mar A Lago they don’t want you and neither does New York, you are the most hated and least wanted man in America and that’s even a joke he only got 180 out of 1000 votes, Trump is a fat loser no matter what anyone says or’s over hes by thousands of votes.

Csaba 1 months

The Democrat party is the reason Trump is the most admired.

Xavier 1 months

Mitch McConnell is literally the human embodiment of a cigarette. Prove me wrong.

John W
John W 1 months

Swamp is swamp. Explain how pelosi is any less corrupt than McConnell. pelosi 60 min cbs

John W
John W 1 months

Biden lied at debate claiming the vaccine would not roll out till summer 2021. It came out a few weeks later, now it's slow? Debate video

Burger 1 months

Perhaps instead of warp speed they should have called it operation 1/4 impulse.

Foshizzle 1 months

When Trump announced Operation Warp Speed the left said.... Whoa, let's not rush this. Now it's not fast enough? Also they were saying they'd never take a Trump vaccine, including Camel, but I saw her and Joey taking the jab 🤣.... If that was the actual vaccine if course.

KeybladeMasterAndy 1 months

Story about Pence and Biden. Thumbnail is of Mitch McConnell.

ParaBellum 1 months

Pence is doing everything possible to be a total traitor, TO THE MAX. He is resisting all efforts to get the election judged appropriately and is sabotaging Trump left and right. He was a real swamp critter and now Trump is just finding out.

Jon 1 months

20 million doses? Lol. The US is at like 2.8 million and that deadline was by Jan 1st. 🤦‍♂️. Are you surprised the guy who botched the aids epidemic Indiana also failed the vaccine rollout?

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