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Early voting in crucial Georgia runoff surpasses 2.5 million

Early voting in crucial Georgia runoff surpasses 2.5 million

A total of 2,570,593 votes have been cast in Georgia’s runoff elections by Wednesday, state’s officials said. Out of the total vote cast, 1,713,950 ballots are in-person voting, while 856,643 votes have been cast through the mail, out of nearly 1.4M absentee ballots requested. GOP Sens. Loeffler and David Perdue face runoffs after failing to garner more than 50% of the vote in November’s election.

Gennaro 1 months

Georgia runoff hacked in the middle of Georgia Senate Hearing yesterday......nothing to see just the most SeCuRe eLeCtIoN in History.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

This should have been 1 day 1 ID 1 thumb print with 2 Republicans 2 demonrats and 2 independents watching each and every single vote the mass fake ballots and harvesting and fake water main breaks is pure insanity

John 1 months

It’s good to know that Georgia is a focus point of this election. I hope the challenger wins the election.

So 1 months

200K Pennsylvania vote hack is the massive bombshell most Americans missed.

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