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Officer in Breonna Taylor case fights move to fire him

Officer in Breonna Taylor case fights move to fire him

One of the two officers linked to a raid in which Breonna Taylor was fatally shot is fighting to save his job after the Louisville Metro Police Dept. sent pre-termination letters to them. Detective Joshua Jaynes’s attorney is disputing the charges that his client wasn’t at the right location when the search warrant was executed and that he wasn’t truthful in an affidavit seeking the warrant.

James 1 months

At the absolute and very least this stinks of reckless endangerment if not manslaughter and the officer doesn't feel he should be fired? Sounds like his boot size exceeds his IQ.

Michael 1 months

People with guns break into your home in the middle of the night. I shoot, you shoot, we all shoot. Any right wingers are hypocrites if they deny this cause what happened to all your “we need guns for defense” lines? People want to talk about how bad of a dude her boyfriend is and then don’t think that would mean there was a chance the strangers with guns were criminals. He DEFENEDED himself and his girlfriend, but the cops felt it necessary to use their power to prevent that. Try knocking next time, it saves lives.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

A 4 year old picture. Why not show the recent pictures of her holding a gun🤔

IIzard 1 months

Good. He did nothing wrong.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

I happen to think that the Goblet of Fire is the best Harry Potter movie out of the series. That's the fourth one.

Mike 1 months

Police officer that got shot returned fire..there, I fixed it

Michael 1 months

Ah yes, another fact that the far-right will totally ignore.

J 1 months


Shmee 1 months

Her husband said she shot at the cops. It's recorded on their body cams.

Miranda 1 months

Okay so a question for pro-gun conservatives: If several men in plain clothing holding guns broke into the home you and your family in the middle of the night and proceeded to point guns at you, would you shoot at them? Because I certainly would (if I owned a gun). The whole purpose of guns are to be able to protect yourself/your family, and to be able to stand up to a tyrannical government. So when the cops do something messed up and someone tries to defend themselves, why are they not morally allowed to defend themselves and their loved ones? If I ever got a gun in the future, it would mainly be to protect my exotic animals, as unfortunately it isn’t uncommon for people to try and steal them to sell them into the illegal pet trade. So if someone came in threatening the life and well-being of myself, my family, and my animals, why shouldn’t I defend us? The cops were wearing plain clothes and it was the middle of the night. How were they supposed to believe they were cops? Because they “said so”? Newsflash, people lie, so I wouldn’t exactly be inclined to believe someone who broke into my home in the middle of the night in plain clothing holding guns

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