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California has US’ 2nd confirmed case of more contagious COVID-19 strain

California has US’ 2nd confirmed case of more contagious COVID-19 strain

California has reported its 1st case of a more contagious COVID-19 variant 1st identified in the UK– the second confirmed case in the US. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the infection found in Southern California. No further information about the infected person was given. The first known case of the variant was reported in Colorado Tuesday. That person was identified as a Colorado National Guardsman.

Iam 1 months

Well you see how long that vaccine lasted? Now there is a new strain and the vaccine will most likely be useless against it. I have years in the medical field, and 10 directly related to infectious disease control. They need to QUIT trying to "slow the spread" which is actively keeping the virus around longer, keeping people LOCKED DOWN longer and just open up and let it run its course. They say the death rates and infection rates haven't been padded, BUT this year has seen record lows of CANCER deaths, FLU deaths, pneumonia deaths, and even HEART FAILURES, because they are being listed as COVID19 deaths. BTW Americans are at a higher risk of heart failure than anything else. In my opinion they are using this virus as a political weapon to inforce the mail In ballots so they could be "stuffed". They are also using it as a strategic tool to get people to peacefully SURRENDER their rights, rather than forcibly take them, all the while setting the USA up for a socialist takeover. The biggest cause of deaths that they are NOT contributing to the COVID19 lockdowns are SUICIDES, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DRUG OVERDOSE, ALCOHOL RELATED DEATHS, and deaths simply by BOREDOM, idiotic accidents where people get bored and do things they NORMALLY wouldn't do.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

The Nigerian prince has a new and better bank account for you to wire your money to...

Rocky 1 months

More contagious and less deadly and severe. This is a normal evolution of a strain.

dee 1 months

Why are people surprised? By the time a country has told you that they have identified a thing common to many people and that it spreads rapidly then you have to assume it is already everywhere people travel to 1. Infect people. 2. Get enough people infected who are vulnerable 3. Those people get hospitalized 4. Hospitals start recognizing common symptoms with other people in that hospital 5. Hospitals share they have common issues in different regions 6. Testing is done 7. A new virus strain is identified 8. Government is informed 9. Stats are reviewed for pro/con of announcing to public or implementation of restrictions 10. Gov announces it 11. Other countries implement travel bans Guess at which step people have already traveled between major hubs like NYC, Atlanta, La, London, Paris, Milan, etc. Carrying the new highly contagious virus? Somewhere around stage 0-1.

Foshizzle 1 months

Gotta love the cover pic for this story, makes you assume that the person is in an ICU and about to die.

ttocsick 1 months

Bologna virus is a bunch of bs

TootsXoxo 1 months

So all a sudden a stronger covid even more contagious?! Who was the man that said " Hold up son, go test this, I think it maybe a stronger little virus then the virus good o'l Bobby next door had, and what do ya know his bro has it too!! That makes 2 people with the new stronger covid!! Where the hell did it come from?? How or who made it stronger!? #TrillionaireGames #YouAreAllPawns #Divide&Conquer #PopulationControl #EyesWideShut Wait.... What!? 🤷🏿

Sam 1 months

Dude we just can’t catch a break

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