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Trump’s call for $2,000 checks blocked by McConnell

Trump’s call for $2,000 checks blocked by McConnell

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell has rejected calls to boost the coronavirus aid. This came after the House had voted to increase aid checks to Americans to $2,000. McConnell said raising the amount would be ’another fire hose of borrowed money.’ He proposed instead to roll the proposal for bigger checks into another bill to include other measures that have been requested by President Trump.

Tom A
Tom A
J 1 months

Mitch has had one goal while in power, obstruct the will of the American people.

Jon 1 months

Bernie roasted him hard. He pointed out how 10 of the poorest districts in the country are in McConnells state and he's denying them support. This whole thing is ridiculous. It passed in the House with 45 Republicans, Perdue and Lauffler support it. The president supports it. But Mitch won't even have a vote on it.

solodolo 1 months

Mitch McConnell must be so disconnected from the struggles of the American middle class that he doesn't even realize how soulless he's coming across.

Doug 1 months

So Pakistani gender studies is worthy of US taxpayer dollars but the American citizens aren't? I live in Georgia and the Dems are using this to incredible effect in the Senate run-off. Looks like McConnell doesn't want to be reelected anymore because the people of Kentucky definitely want those $2000 checks.

Jon 1 months

Since when did the Senate majority leader have more power than anyone else in government? Broken ass system. He just winner election, he owes you people nothing and you are just too brainwashed to ever vote against a Republican like Mitch. It's pathetic.

J 1 months

Mitch. Anti American since elected. This is what political terrorism looks like.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

Yeah he wants another payout for his corporate masters. Seriously Kentucky fire this old sack of parrot droppings preferably out of a cannon and into a brick wall.

JP 1 months

His excuse is a $2k check unfairly subsidises the wealthy when he knows full well people making over $72k don't qualify. What a snake.

J. 1 months

This guy must hate his feet, given how frequently and severely he shoots them. Just more proof that our politicians are detached corporate puppets, because no sane American would vote for a slimy, double-dealing, backstabbing, grifting leech like McConnell.

damronhimself 1 months

And this is why we need term limits. No one man should have this amount of power.

Will Miller
Will Miller 1 months

All they have to do is remove the stupid riders. They’re not fucking slick, we all already know about the foreign aid bs. The bill only needs to be one sentence, “every American over age 18 gets 2000$” tf is so hard ab that?

Joe 1 months

So its borrowed money if the checks are $2000 now, but if it's in another bill then its somehow not borrowed money any more? Someone remind me why Pakistan needs millions in "Gender Studies", please?

Charles 1 months

Senate Republicans, don't rest easy. And don't think we are only blaming Mitch.

Jon 1 months

Pelosi is garbage but she still brought a vote and it passed. Mitch somehow thinks he doesn't owe the American people who elected the Senators to represent them to even have the ability to vote. It's a blatant assault on democracy. If the bill is not supported by the Republicans in the Senate then it won't pass, but to not even allow the Senators who represent us to vote is against everything this country was founded on. Those are the actions of a dictator.

Ari 1 months

There are discrepancies in Mitch McConnell's own election perhaps its time to cast the light on him and his dealings.

Ty 1 months

You did this KY voters. Enjoy!

Doladin 1 months

I believe that the removal of all officials who have been in an office longer than 4 years should be replaced by the people of a younger generation. Repeated failure from the current officials should not have been tolerated in the first place.

Max Bants
Max Bants 1 months

This will somehow be spun as Trump being stingy.

Cognitive 1 months

Everyone who was blaming Pelosi can now shift their anger to Moscow Mitch McCONman.

Doug 1 months

$2000 for people vs. $741B firehose of money for military-industrial complex and $1.5T tax cuts for corporations and multimillionaires. Thanks, MkKkonnell!

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