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Painful leg condition causes Pope to not attend New Year services

Painful leg condition causes Pope to not attend New Year services

The New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day services will not be attended by Pope Francis due to a flare up of his sciatica condition. This condition results in the Pope experiencing pain in his right leg according to a statement by the Vatican on Thursday. The Pope, who turned 84 this month, has skipped a papal event for health reasons in years.

O'Brien 1 months

His cloven hooves are throwing his back out.

Matt 1 months

Whenever I see people doing religious things, I get a creepy feeling. I can respect their choices, but it's like they're zombies and warlocks, doing the same thing, saying the same words, worshiping the dead, mumbling incantations over symbols and idols. It's like they're alive, but not at the same time. Then they walk out the doors and, boom, back to normal. I never had a bad feeling about it when I was religious. Maybe it's the hindsight of remembering what it's like to be one of them, and understanding the joy of freedom without sky daddy. Painful transition. Got the chills just thinking about it.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

5 comments and not one is about pedophilia. Something is off!

david dindu
david dindu 1 months

Hes hiding from covid

Met Man
Met Man 1 months

So is it back pain or leg pain? If the media can't even get something as simple as this right how can we trust them with anything more complicated.

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