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French citizenship sought by UK PM’s father

French citizenship sought by UK PM’s father

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father has applied for French citizenship as Britain prepares to split from the European Union. Broadcaster RTL was told by Stanley Johnson that he was in the process of ’reclaiming’ his French identity. Remaining in the EU was backed by the elder Johnson in Britain’s 2016 membership referendum but has since expressed his support for his son’s decision.

Marcus 1 months

Everyone combs their hair with a balloon in the family.

Aaron 1 months

Wow the LEFT is strong there, makes me free better about the US and it's encroachment of the LEFT here. The fact that half the country and gaining is standing against the LEFT here is encouraging. Thank GOD Trump exposed the LEFT as much as he did and placed them on display for all to see.

Timmeh, Little Loud
Timmeh, Little Loud 1 months

Get yer sen off. Don't come back

bogdan 1 months

Luckly the rise of a Trump in UK is barely imposible. USA is “so fortunate” to have him.

Raspberries 1 months

Apparently it was Dad who taught Boris how not to comb his hair when he rolls out

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