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Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers viewed source code

Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers viewed source code

Microsoft said Thursday the suspected Russian hackers behind a massive US government security breach were able to view its internal source code through an employee account. Microsoft had initially said it was not breached in the attack. The US tech giant however said that the hacked account granting such access didn’t have permission to modify any code or systems.

Foshizzle 1 months

They viewed the source code and said... Holy crap, this is some buggy and virus prone junk, how in the hell does Bill Gates claim to be some kind of vaccine expert when he can't even keep viruses out of his software?

Jon 1 months

So, what I'm hearing is that whoever the hackers are, the did a ct n paste file transfer and have all of the most important parts of Windows security coding, and in a few days/weeks, they will be able to start mass compromises of Windows PCs by directly attacking the OS.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

CCP Hackers from the United Front Work Department. Microsoft has over 1500 Chinese Communist Party members working for the company and well over 100 spy cells. Let's just cut out the nonses about "Russian Hackers". Yeah, there are some. Very few. But Microsoft does not deploy nor run an advanced research lab in Russia nor does Microsoft run AI research programs in Russsia. Nor do they have university pipelines of graduate students and Ph.D. from Russian universities. But they do have all that with the largest communist dictatorship that is the largest slave plantation on the planet, runs the largest number of gulags and forced organ harvesting programs. Is also one of the very few nations that is openly at war with the United States as per Document 9 and unrestricted warfare doctrine and states very clearly that the national mission of the CCP is to destroy and replace the United States by 2050.

chris 1 months

Quick summary, something was hacked, cia and corporate news think Russia did it. Trump says China did it. Secretary of State says it may be China Korea or Russia, changes his view to Russia. MICROSOFT says on list of emails were compromised. One thing lacking is proof.

Matt 1 months

This behavior risks sovereignty. The next major war might be over data if this keeps escalating.

Gabriel Bertsch
Gabriel Bertsch 1 months

Tome, chichí.

Trevelyn 1 months

They are not hakers when they work for the company !

Lexus 1 months

The only responsible thing right now would be to leak it online. Let's take a look at all backdoors that MS products have. :)

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 1 months

Maybe I'm just over-skeptical, maybe I'm not. But what nation-state actor (or similar power) is going to employ/fund a ridiculously powerful hacking group that leaves identifiable traces. The same people that broke into SolarWinds, one of the broadest reaching monitoring and admin tools you can get with many government and Fortune 500 contracts. The same people that stayed in that system AND proliferated to its client systems undetected for AT LEAST months. And they accidentally left some Cyrillic characters somewhere that just happened to be plaintext enough to easily identify? Sounds more like someone took the bait.

170K 1 months

Microsoft says a lot of things

Robo 1 months

Chinese. Not Russian.

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