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Police did not help Andre Hill for 5 minutes after shooting

Police did not help Andre Hill for 5 minutes after shooting

Bodycam footage released on Thursday has shown how multiple police officers stood by for several minutes without offering any first aid to Andre Hill after he was shot by another officer. 47 year old Hill, who later died after being shot on Dec. 22 by Officer Adam Coy, was still alive and laying on a garage floor by himself while officers were securing the area.

IvoryDove 1 months

I'm noticing the reference to Hill as a "Black" man, but his skin is lighter than mine and he's got blue eyes. He may have African ancestry, but the implication that he was shot because of his race suggests the cop must have DNA vision.

saad 1 months

It doesn't matter his race. What the police did was wrong and someone should pay for it.

James 1 months

I thought there was/is a legal requirement to render aid to another - especially when an individual creates a situation that endangers another. Seems like this situation would qualify.

Indo 1 months

What do you do when u issue guns to halfwits n dimwits. U get this. And 2021 no better

Aleks 1 months

Ok people, from the picture André Hill looks like a white man. I agree that it shouldn’t matter. But I am a fan of accuracy. It just makes things easier.

William Sevier
William Sevier 1 months

Not only did Andre not pose a threat, he was gunned down while police stood around and waited for an innocent man to bleed out. I'll never view police the same way

Emmanuel 1 months

Guess why this is not all over social media.

Tengu 1 months

"Roughly 10 minutes passed before a police supervisor showed up and asked, “Anybody doing anything for him?” It wasn’t until then that an officer began pumping the chest of Hill, who later was pronounced dead at a hospital on Dec. 22." This right here is why most cops leave first aid to EMTs. Because police are, if anything, minimally trained in first aid. If you put them on the spot, they'll do the above, which only pumps more blood out of the hole that they just put in the guy.

IIzard 1 months

He looks pretty white.

Heydrich Was Right
Heydrich Was Right 1 months

Oh well.

Jason 1 months

Realized there was no gun, yet still police securing the scene....makes no sense. Why not administer first aid.

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