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Only 25% of COVID-19 vaccines distributed in US have been administered

Only 25% of COVID-19 vaccines distributed in US have been administered

Americans received just over 3M initial doses of coronavirus vaccines in the 19 days following first shipments of 12,409,050 doses, according to the CDC, far short of the goal federal officials set to give at least 20M people their first shots before the year-end. Reasons for the delay are being attributed to reduced holiday hours in clinics and overstretched health officials, among others.

WWIII 3 months

Dr. Fraudci needs to gtfo of here, he contradicts himself all the time, he’s nothing more hood ornament for fear mongering at this point

Erich 3 months

Sorry to say the private sector dropped the ball. We’ve had ample time to create sign up sheets, train health care workers on the specifics for administration and monitoring, and distribution sites for the injections. I hope 2021 sees this changed. Don’t worry about the people who don’t want it (yet). Get it to those who do.

IvoryDove 3 months

This is a state issue. The federal government did everything we could ask for but governors like Newsom and Cuomo are miles behind on the execution of the vaccinations. The federal government is now storing this vaccine at - 50° while the Democrats get their thumbs out of their a55.

David 3 months

At least there are multiple vaccines that have been approved.

Skot 3 months

It's now been a year. Hospitals and other healthcare agencies, companies, etc. on the majority asked for lockdowns so that the spread could be slowed. (Anyone with an amateur understanding of virology knows that you cannot "stop" a virus once it is in a population). The government has passed "relief" bills... Flatten the curve for what? Various organizations, such as the vaunted Gates foundation have warned about pandemics and where have all these resources gone? Not towards increasing capacity, which is the logical conclusion one would surmise would be the reason for delaying the spread, apparently not in cheap treatments that have proven efficacy, no, because that won't make anyone money. There is evidence (recent Harvard study) to suggest that universal mask wearing and lockdowns on the whole kill more vulnerable and older people because the virus sticks around longer. Why has the WHO this year changed their definition of herd immunity? Let's sell some vaccines boys!!!

Glen 3 months

New year, new strain of the flu. There is a flu isn't there?

John W
John W 3 months

Part is they hold back the second dose. They should give everyone one dose for now. That prevents hospitalizations. They should allow every vaccine not just expensive ones. U.S. won’t get AstraZeneca vaccine until April Profit motives are killing people. Same goes for not recommending Ivermectin and vitamin D etc.

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