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Lindsey Graham calls for stand-alone vote on $2,000 stimulus checks

Lindsey Graham calls for stand-alone vote on $2,000 stimulus checks

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) Thursday called for a stand-alone vote in the Senate on a House-passed bill for $2,000 coronavirus relief payments. By stating that, Graham broke with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s opposition to an increase of the $600 relief payments to $2,000. Graham said that while 70% of Republicans don’t want to see the increase, he ’is with the president on this’.

Boo 1 months

He seems to be more progressive than all the corporate democrats.

Bulwark AC
Bulwark AC 1 months

Mitch, Schumer, Pelosi, Graham, Schiff, Feinstein, Waters are perfect examples on why all of Congress senate and the Supreme court need term limits.

Jon 1 months

Here's the thing. Trump is right on this. His motive is OBVIOUSLY not the well being of Americans because he could have called for a standalone vote from Mitch on this for 7 months but conveniently only seems interested around the Nov election and now the run off. LG is a bootlicker and will follow the lead of the cult leader even if it's off a cliff. Mitch is just pure evil. I don't even see the political advantage when the polling shows huge support from the public for this as well as support from Repulicans in the House and the two Senators in the run off.

ParaBellum 1 months

Recently when I saw Lindsey fist-bump Kamala ...... Ya, To hell with the RINO !

Dino 1 months

This is just politics. He said this knowing full well McConnell would never allow it.

Sasu 1 months

After McConnell stuck the knife into Trumps back. Trump took the knife out and gave it right back to him. Blade first.

Aleks 1 months

Lindsey Graham is a Weathercock

Cognitive 1 months

The only thing he's ever done that I agree with.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 1 months

The way it should always be!

John W
John W 1 months

The democrats voted for Biden's wars, they don't need checks they can just have thier kids sign up for Syria. Biden's prowar cabinet, defence contractors and war hawks. so called progressives and cnn pushing for wars. the new war hawk secretary of state under biden Biden says he told foreign leaders "America is back" (to war) "I'm letting them know that America is back. We're going to be back in the game," Phoney leftist will cheer,👏🍻🥂🎆 like they did under Obama. Were back to war baby! ht//s://www.washingtonpost/com/busi/ess//02//1//07/biden-defense-spen/ing/ ‘Our industry knows Joe Biden really well’: Defense contractors unconcerned as Biden clinches victory B'den's cabinet, big oil, and polluters. ht//s://yout/.be/XPSoKNYOkOc Erin Brockovich on Biden pick: The fox is in the henhouse Environmental activist Erin Brockovich tells'CNN's Brianna Keilar why environmentalists denounce President-elect Joe B'den's transition EPA review team pick Michael McCabe over his work with DuPont on PFOA. ht//s://khn/org//ews/trump-touts-covid-cure-regeneron-drug-pharma-political-contributions-strongly-benefit-b/den/ As Trump Touts His ‘Great’ COVID Drugs, the Pharma Cash Flows to Biden, Not Him ht//s://www.fiercepharma/com/ph/rma/as-trump-pledges-lower-drug-prices-pharma-ceos-voice-skepticism-his-plans As Trump pledges lower drug prices—again—pharma CEOs voice skepticism with his plans ht//s://www.cbsnews/com//ews/trump-attacks-big-pharma-announces-programs-to-lower-drug-pr/ces/ ht//s://nypost/com//02//1//13/diplomat-says-officials-misled-trump-on-troop-count-in-s/ria/ Retiring diplomat says defense officials misled Trump on troop count in Syria Trump purges warmongers from the pentagon democrats panic. ht//s://yout/.be/w5UD7VTYo1E Trump moves to remove troops from Afghanistan. CNN guest calls him a dictator for doing it. ht//s://yout/.be/w5UD7VTYo1E ht//s://thehill/com/po/icy/def/nse/525532-new-pentagon-chief-hires-adviser-who-wants-quick-withdrawal-from-afghanistan New Pentagon chief hires adviser who wants quick withdrawal from Afghanistan ht//s://www.cnn/com//02//1//10/poli/ics/pentagon-policy-official-res/gns/index.html The sources said the effort may be because Esper and his team were pushing back on a premature withdrawal from Afghanistan that would be carried out before the required conditions on the ground were met, and other pending security issue". "This is scary' it's very unsettl"ng," one defense official told C"N. "These are dictator mo"es." ht//s://amp.theguardian/com/commentis/ree//017/ja//09/america-dropped-26171-bombs-2016-obama-legacy America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to O'ama's reign According to new figures, the US dropped nearly three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day.

Cognitive 1 months

Literally the ONLY thing he's ever done that I approve of.

Tony 1 months

As it pertains to the $2000.00 stimulus Chuck Schumer gave away whatever leverage he had with the defense bill leaving Bernie Sanders out to dry. You, Harris, and 45 other Democrats voted with Mitch McConnell thinking he plays fair. He is a political tactician. When are you going to learn or are you on the same side with him. We all want to know Chuck.

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