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’Tampon tax’ ditched by Britain as Brexit get under way

’Tampon tax’ ditched by Britain as Brexit get under way

The so-called ’tampon tax’ has been ditched by UK as it became the latest country to eliminate sales tax on women’s sanitary products. Women’s rights activists along with supporters of UK’s departure from the EU widely praised the move. The rate of value-added-tax on menstrual products cannot be reduced below 5% under the EU law as they are deemed to be luxury items rather than essentials.

porcus 3 months

Hopefully Britain follows this with a ban on all male hygiene products as well. Razors, beard oil, deodorant, cologne, etc aren't free you know.

IvoryDove 3 months

It must be so nice to have a central government making decisions about your everyday life. Who to please? Who to punish? The part that astounds me is... "In a country where the central government doesn't run your life, why would you want to change to such a system?"

Andromeda 3 months

Most supermarkets adjusted for the tax anyway for PR points. So all that will happen is supermarkets will no longer supply the 5% and the price will stay the same at best, though while printing off a new price tag supermarkets may reassess what they charge in other ways. The 5% went straight from the government into charities as they never agreed with taking the tax but had to, so the charities lose out, people get no change, the supermarkets get a win. Also, over new year the supermarkets have run around sticking percentages on everything else probably sanitary products too, blaming it on Brexit despite a majority of the products I have noticed with increased tags are produced in Britain. The sanitary towels will likely go down 5% only to go up 15%.

KeybladeMasterAndy 3 months

Just wait until taxes go up for other things to make up the difference.

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