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US warned by Iran general that military ready to respond to pressure

US warned by Iran general that military ready to respond to pressure

A warning has been issued to the US by Iran’s top commander of paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, that it is fully prepared to respond to any military pressure. The warning was issued at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries as President Donald Trump’s administration comes to an end. The warning was issued to the United States indirectly without mentioning the country directly.

IvoryDove 3 months

The world has a problem with totalitarian regimes. Some use pure force (Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela) and others use "democracy + media control) to gain control over the nation's resources. Either way, in the past we've seen a buildup of totalitarian control met with war. WW3 isn't merely a "concept", it's inevitable.

Robert_Clearwater 3 months

I don't think we should ever underestimate a potential enemy. Iran is very defensible and it is a strategically bad idea to put boots on the ground in that country. With that being said, they have no maritime or aerial force projection capability beyond their immediate shoreline. I don't think Iran would be able to do much except be starved out unless Russia or China get involved.

Martin 3 months

Americans greatest ''allies'' wont stop until every Arab nation in the middle east is destroyed.

C 3 months

They have been sickened with hate from the onset. They will destroy thier country. Poor people of Iran, with thier tyrannical evil leaders. Only way for them to overthrow it is an invasion. Iran will cause this by thier petty weak actions against truly great countries of the world, of which Iran can never be without complete government change

Matt 3 months

Nobody on the planet can say they are ready for US military pressure, while also meaning they have a chance of winning, at all, if we decide they need to sit down. We hit from over the horizon at 3904mph (6247.5kmph) with cruise missiles that destroy a city block. We hit you with planes you can't see, and if you do, you can't catch and are out of range of. We hit you with a professional volunteer military with an over 90% participation rate, and superior weapons ant tactics. We have engaged in every major conflict for a century, and know what we're doing, and don't back down easily. What does Iran bring? A threat of nuking a neighbor? Sit down.

Thomas 3 months

President Trump started no conflicts. His Administration ended them, flexing a pinky, not a fist. This stopped ISIS and it was accomplished by not telling your enemies what your plan was or are. Biden will think exit strategy with Iran and how we can appease them rather than controlling their nuclear ambitions. Israel will have to defend itself, will have to take out this reactor! Risking nuclear fallout or contamination. The perfect storm is coming, a liberal appeasers Administration and a fanatical bigot dead set on Islam expansion and Israeli demise.

bill 3 months

January 21 Iran will begin hunting down the Trumps.

Satan411 3 months

Satan wants less talking and more killing.

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