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At least 140 Republicans to vote against counting electoral votes, lawmakers say

At least 140 Republicans to vote against counting electoral votes, lawmakers say

According to CNN, two Republican members of the House of Representatives have said they expect at least 140 of their GOP colleagues to vote against counting the electoral votes on January 6. In a related development, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell told fellow Senate Republicans that his vote to certify Joe Biden’s election victory will be the ’most consequential’ of his political career.

Tom A
Tom A
Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael 3 months

It's so funny to see the same #notmypresident sky screamers from the last four years now suggesting that anyone who doesn't fall in line with the installment of Biden needs to grow up and move on. We literally watched these people in a tantrum for the last four years, derangement set at 11, media straight up lying, government agencies abusing powers to subvert the current administration, and social media squashing anything that was not frothing at mouth anti-Trump. But now, now we all need to relax, let the past go and accept Joe and the H0 without any animosity. The media and their programed NPC's don't understand, even if Trump is gone the rejection of the establishment corporate narrative will not be. His coming into office was an expression of (over) half of America's legally voting citizens that are tired of the agenda playing out and watching the toxic ideology of identity politics push us further away from the ideals that made our nation great. If the steal goes through, please understand "mostly peaceful protests", acts of civil disobedience, and outright attacks on the legitimacy of the administration will be the least of the fallout. There was healing, the most minority voters for the red team in 60 years, the most votes of any sitting president, and the addressing of grievances of the people. If Beijing Biden is pushed into the seat, after his handlers explain to him what just happened and what year it is, we can expect to return to the policies of hate and division that were hallmarks of the Obama administration.

TheCurrentModality 3 months

@casual, I believe you all are holding your breath as you hope to get away with election theft.

nsmith2016 3 months

Talk to me when someone who isn't a Trump supporter gets convicted of voter fraud

Casual Historian
Casual Historian 3 months

Even if they do it won’t amount to anything. It’s time for Trump supporters and Republicans to stop holding their breath on this one. Try to look towards future goals, past the election, this one is over for you.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 3 months

Republicans are now the Anti-America party. It doesn’t matter how many republican blah blah blah. The electoral college cast their votes. On January 20th the military police will drag that sorry excuse for a President out of the whithouse and Biden will set this country straight.

JVG 3 months

Trump will succeed one thing - break up the Republican Party ! A populist right wing will secede from the mainstream that represents the USA . Those Republicans who lack the backbone to stand up to this folly will be drained in the swamp because they are afraid they will loose their constituants vision , no guts , no glory!

Andrew 3 months

Just let Biden take the reigns and drop a giant turd of governance. The media won't have anyone to blame but themselves for the utter travesty that is Democrat Party policies.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 3 months

Still waiting on evidence of voter fraud. Enough to turn over this election. Shame they couldn't find a single shred of proof to back up there claims. Maybe if Trump didn't lie his entire life, more people would have believed him. But then again, when you make outrageous claims, you should probably already have proof before opening your mouth.

Rocket 3 months

Excellent! We can not allow our great country to be taken over by a mob of Democrap COMMUNISTS who initiated WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD!

J 3 months

Political terrorism, from your friendly republican terrorist group.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Wow look at that republicans trying their hardest to hijack bidens win. How shameful of the republicans they have become the traitors of the ppl and what do we do with traitors? We don't keep them alive.

It me
It me 3 months

CSA round 2?

Seekster 3 months

I have to say, the 2021 GOP is acting a lot like the 2017 Democrats, immature and childish and very sore losers. Just goes to show how the two parties are virtually interchangeable.

tbonecrunch 3 months

you know you’re the bad guy when you try to overturn an election because you lost

808HIvibes 3 months

Traitors and sycophants.

Felix 3 months

All 538 members of congress could vote against counting the electoral votes. And you know what? Biden still gets inaugurated on Jan 20th. This vote that is happening on Jan 6 is just symbolic. Stop throwing your money away donating to these grifters. Thinking that there is or always has been, a chance to overturn the general election results.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 3 months

It will be many more by Wednesday Plus a number of Senators. There is ample proof of fraud and malfeasance in election process. At the very least, since the media wont do its job and report on it, republican elected officials owe it to the nation and the Constitution to hold a widely watched public hearing. No matter the outcome at least the nation and world will know what happened, will see Biden and Dems and media for frauds that they are and will hopefully demand measures to keep our elections honest in future. This process is an excellent exercise in showcasing Constitutional options to contested elections in a free Republic. You will not see this in China or Venezuela or Russia. Be glad we have such legal options eliminating the need for violence.

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 3 months

This is idiotic. It going to set a precedent that every new American president will have opposing groups of Democrats or Republicans contesting a states election process and voting not to certify the election.

Alec 3 months

The Dems got their Russia investigation on the ground that Trump won. But no one is allowed to question or investigate Biden's victory after 6 key battleground states had vote count delays, 4 of which Trump was winning, and not even after mail in ballot dumps that go all Biden's way sometimes days after election day, and in the middle of the night. But nope, no one is even going to investigate it...

MyVoice 3 months

This Trump lying game can play both ways. Next time a GOP win contest it same as these thieves are doing now.

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