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Prosecutors in George Floyd trial seek delay citing COVID-19

Prosecutors in George Floyd trial seek delay citing COVID-19

Prosecutors who are handling the Minneapolis case which involves four former police officers charged in the death of George Floyd have asked that the trial be delayed by three months, citing coronavirus concerns. The prosecutors also cited the amount of time needed before enough people are vaccinated and health risks are sufficiently diminished as their reason for the request.

Jason 3 months

The delay is to stop riots when they don’t get jail time. Wouldn’t want that when Joe the great gets inaugurated. America is a teenage kid whose parents keep telling it that it’s ok to carry on like it is. America could be a great country if it’s citizens every actually got together. Until then it’s a spoiled brat

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

Huh! Why haven't these murderers been given preziduncetial pardons yet?

R D 3 months

George died of a fentanyl overdoes what's the issue here?

Mutatis 3 months

The virus is not a novel issue, so asking for delay over it now just seems odd.

caillustration 3 months

Why are these officers even on trial, the man died of a heart attack from an overdose.

Eric 3 months

The right to a speedy trial.

James 3 months

Can you imagine what would happen if Trump pardoned them just before leaving office?

bill 3 months

Hang them all

Ryan 3 months

Prosecution delays because they dont have enough.

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