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Tesla to deliver China-made Model Y SUVs this month

Tesla to deliver China-made Model Y SUVs this month

Tesla’s been hard at work getting its Chinese Model Y production up and running at the massive Gigafactory complex outside of Shanghai, and now, according to a report published Thursday by Reuters, that hard work has paid off. The Big T has begun sales of the Chinese-built Model Y at a starting price of 339,900 yuan (or $52,091.95 at current exchange rates).

Tausif N Akbar
Tausif N Akbar
Cary Brown
Cary Brown 4 months

Who would buy any vehicle made in China? Bad idea. Boycott China, ask for massive reparations for the harm they've done.

Craig Powell
Craig Powell 4 months

This is China's business model. Make it there for export. If it's for China's use, it must be made there for use of domestic labor. Either way, China keeps the value of it's labour force. Elon Musk and Tesla have bought into this. I would bet you'll see mysteriously similar cars from a Chinese company within 3 years. Tesla is now OFF my car-buying options, permanently.

David 4 months

Our company used to buy stainless steel pipe fittings from china and even all the paperwork and conformance/ quality standards paperwork were legit... however, when setting up a branch for an air supply it was so embarrassing... Tee, 1” nipple, tee, 1” nipple, etc etc. Connecting them to what should be a straight horizontal line and after 8 tees and zero cross-threading, it looked like a boomerang.

Justin's Socks
Justin's Socks 4 months

China already has up and coming EV companies (NIO for example). If Tesla doesn't take that market, then homegrown Chinese EV's will. It's a smart choice for Tesla as they are still an American company. So what's wrong with selling American products to Chinese? I bet the majority of ppl commenting are using iPhones for ffs. Which are built in CHYNA btw

Ayomide 4 months

Please up vote gold is about to express a bit boom, because of inflation like look it up please I’m just try to help people it not fare that the Government takes our money through secret tax

ben 4 months

More jobs and more of our money going to china

Eric 4 months

Oooh, nooooo. Gross...

Jack 4 months


AntiBS 4 months

Boycott that traiterous company. The dictatorship of China should be held responsible for the Chinese virus that the deliberately released onto the rest of the world.

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