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De Blasio under fire for dancing in deserted Times Square

De Blasio under fire for dancing in deserted Times Square

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has come under fire for dancing against the backdrop of a mostly empty Times Square while the rest of the city was told to stay inside and socially distance amid the coronavirus pandemic. De Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, danced on stage together at the famous landmark.

Tom A
Tom A
Hanuman Ishmael
Hanuman Ishmael 1 months

The definition of "Some are more equal than others". They are giving you the finger while simultaneously rubbing your nose it.

Charles 1 months

The communist prince spits in the faces of his people, as they are caged in their dens. I hope the American people, the real American people whom fear no evil, where it be foreign or domestic, will arise to the occasion and reclaim their homeland.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Imagine having so much power you can tell the busiest city in the world to sray away from the busiest place on earth and then, dancing in that place q celebration of your totalitarian policies.

John 1 months

Socialism (& he has explicitly endorsed wealth re-distribution as his economic plan) is the epitome of the abusive relationship. 2 sets of rules. Abuser (politburo) & abused (gen pop) living vastly different lifestyles. It is the ultimate scam lefties & you bought it. Your lives are about to become a living hell. Enjoy your ‘victory’.

Doug 1 months

How is he able to even be outside without having someone beating him senseless with a brick after what he's done to NYC?

Glen 1 months

DeBlasio and Coumo are stripping New Yorkers of their freedom. If they don't stand up and think for themselves. This will become the new normal.

Kyle 1 months

I'm a dem, but fuck this guy

fassil 1 months

So what is the big deal ? Unhinged Trump has put (personaly!) shamelessness, vulgarity, lawlessness to another level as a Head of State. Think about it. Or is it just hating Dems just for the sake of it?

Doug 1 months

How is this guy allowed to walk the streets without being beaten down with a brick? Are all New Yorkers down with being abused while deBlasio laughs in their faces?

Custodio 1 months

How Pathetic can some folks be when They start the New Year by denouncing the Mayor of NYC for dancing with his Wife in time Sq. First off, they were social distancing themselves from the Public, which is advisable. Secondly, We need to see Our leaders being optimistic about the future. If anything, We should be applauding the Mayor instead of beating him up for having an intimate moment with his wife and showing optimism for the future. People, let’s leave the trump mindset behind us. We’re better than that! Happy New Year, World!

ttocsick 1 months

This guy is an incompetent goof. Doesn't get much lower in that party than that. Not a good reflection of the people who voted and continues to vote for him and his ilk. You get what you vote for...Let it burn

Marcin H.B
Marcin H.B 1 months

I really hate living in New York now, this city sucks.

brett 1 months

I knew when I saw the mayor & his wife dancing in times square it was gonna be like the NJ beach fiasco

Anjali 1 months

Okay all of you outraged at NY Mayor at Times Square New Years are you equally Outraged at all the celebrities that were out there? Many of which not NY residents. Also are any of you this pissed off at local clubs holding illegal parties in restaurants or social clubs where ZERO distancing or masks are worn. Or certain groups of New Yorkers that Flatly refuse to wear masks and attend meetings large groups. And just to point out it’s fairly normal for the Mayor to attend this event most all past mayors have attended. Granted we are in the midst of a pandemic and a lockdown of sorts. I personally was surprised they had ANY NEW YEARS BALL DROP. But in the idea of trying to bring a sense of hope and normalcy to 2021. The City failed because too many were pissed off at the Mayor’s audassity to attend the event. I bet if we didn’t have the event a ton of you would be railing over that. And if the Mayor had stayed home you’d hear BS that he’s too afraid to go out what a snowflake. One thing I learned is New York is aa fickled as they come. You truly can never make this city happy. Btw, I’ve lived here 40 years. Left but returned some 7 yrs ago. Each day I see why people see New Yorkers as such douchebags. Sadly it’s the small minority of people that gives NY that appearance. (minority of people as in a small number not referring to ethnicity) It’s 2021 people - time to take off the Clown hats and be responsible. Do it for yourself to stay healthy and so we can return to restaurants, outings, concerts, parks, beaches, etc. But until ALL of our neighbors behave responsibly we will continue to have spikes. Which means it gets worse and longer business and jobs can’t open fully. I suggest that if you see or hear about an event like we keep seeing happen in the various areas with large gatherings. Report it. I hate wearing a mask but it’s a small sacrifice if it helps to bring us back to being able to take walks, go to the malls, libraries, cinemas or other events. Flame me if you wish but just my opinion. DiBlasio is not great but never has the entire city liked any Mayor. Rudy was a nightmare to a point, Bloomberg was a nightmare, The Koch years, Beam was no dream Mayor. And poor Dankins got a bad rap. Just mention a few. Even those that were a nightmare had there moments of good. And the nightmare was more dependent upon actions they took that directly touched your life.

JoDaBubb 1 months

Unlike Nero, he couldn't find his fiddle.

MIDESSA 1 months

Almost as bad as playing golf and calling it work.

Barry 1 months

More than 6 feet?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

Tyrants and dictators don't follow their own anti constitutional rules.

Wesley Bauer
Wesley Bauer 1 months

Where they alone? Didn't see the video

hugh 1 months

NYC voted for this guy... theyre getting what they deserve

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