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Virginia state senator dies after contracting Covid-19

Virginia state senator dies after contracting Covid-19

Virginia state Sen. Ben Chafin died Friday from COVID-19 complications. Chafin, 60, had been hospitalized for the past two weeks at VCU Medical Center. The Republican lawmaker served the state since 2013, when he was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. Gov. Ralph Northam paid homage to Chafin, calling him a ’strong advocate’ and a ’good man.’

Tom A
Tom A
VanDutch42 4 months

What?? The anti-science party continues to have members getting sick and dying from a virus that they’ve spent all year denying exists or is a serious problem? I’m shocked.

Travis Alex
Travis Alex 4 months

Wow, now imagine all the everyday citizens who CAN'T afford healthcare who are exposed to it everyday, and ar dying everyday from it. Now imagine where we only give them $600 for their troubles for it as well. What a country huh?

matthew 4 months

My sympathies to his family. However if I am honest I would not shed a single tear for any republican period.

Anjali 4 months

It’s sad that this man lost his life to this virus. However, maybe his life taken this way will wake up a few that deny reality of the virus or how deadly it can be to the general population. My condolences to his family only because a loss of a family member is hard especially if it marks a major holiday. You never can forget it or even celebrate that day again the same way.

craig 4 months

Looks like only the Republican politicians are getting Covid and dying. That’s two in a week. . Very sad but , well! Not much more to say.

ParaBellum 4 months

Let me tell you how it goes... If you test positive for this Sars-cov thing and you die in a car crash, guess what the cause of death is labeled as!

Jon 4 months

It's really sad that the pro life Republicans actually care so little about human life. Right wing media will go down as the most successful brainwashing of 70 million people in history. It's the modern day Nazi Germany.

bobby_5150 4 months

SS girl, then why aren't the schools opening? Fauci has been advocating for them to be opened, for months.

porcus 4 months

So many Leftists in this story acting as if their fear of the coof coof is a virtue. There is nothing virtuous about being cowardly about a virus that is not very lethal and which mostly afflicts those over the age of 65. For crying out loud get a grip on yourselves.

Jimmy 4 months

Real talk, now what? I'm guessing someone will just be appointed for the rest of his term, but holding another election seems more fair.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 4 months

I know republicans are allergic to science and don't like to acknowledge that science is really helpful. that should tell everyone if we remain republican then the US will be completely $tup!d.

Brandon 4 months

Another republican bites the dust...Out of all the BS the gop fear mongered to its supporters about who and what would be the fall of their party and "way of life" it was their own stupidity, ignorance and arrogance with dealing with the virus that's wiping them out in the end, guns didnt protect them, the bible didn't either and their beloved tRump all but led them to slaughter...smh talk about going out with a whimper. RIP GOP 1854-2021

⚓️ᔕIᔕᑌGIᖇᒪ🌊 4 months

I do feel badly for his family and it is sad that he passed away. I am sorry if people think I am being cruel but he was just another Trump Republican Covidiot, though. This virus is preventable. Why people follow the word of an ignorant, racist, misogynistic, hateful, traitorous, serial liar like it is Gospel? I cannot understand it. Dr. Fauci is 80 years old, has been virologist for decades, but they choose to listen to the #1 moron who doesn’t know a thing about medicine, viruses, politics...I suppose I wouldn’t either of I spent 1/4 of a 4 year term playing golf.

Jeskä 4 months

Mask it or casket

Joseph 4 months


systematic fighter
systematic fighter 4 months

They are republicans nuff said.

Juan 4 months

How many Republican office holders does that make now??

Israel 4 months

Its a democratic hoax, this senator is still alive and not doing his job.

ttocsick 4 months

The Bologna virus is just that...Bologna. "The establishment must be defeated friends!"

Doug Star
Doug Star 4 months

Posthumous Darwin Award Wieiner!

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