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At least 12 GOP Senators seek to challenge Electoral College count

At least 12 GOP Senators seek to challenge Electoral College count

At least 12 Senators from the Republican Party have outlined plans to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win on Jan. 6. Senator Ted Cruz is leading the movement, as he circulated the idea among Senate Republicans of voting against certification of the election unless there’s an election audit. Efforts to vote against Biden’s win in Congress have created a major rift in the GOP

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

We've been calling for an audit since the beginning. Its unprecedented that theren is this much evidence of some kind of fraud that an audit only makes sense. Recounts dont find fraud, audits do. But they ran out rhe clock by obstructing it this far. Remember that the left wanted investigations to the fullest extent on Russiagate, Kavenaugh, Taxes, Stormy Daniel's, Jean Carroll, Phonecards, Yada Yada. But as soon as there is any question of election integrity they are 100% against investigation. If we care about democracy we should want it to be upheld fairly, no matter who wins.

Pryotra 1 months

Kinda glad that Cruz has really been listening to his constituents. I'm glad that he is my senator. A full and transparent audit is a great way to heal the Union, regardless of what that means for the next 4 years. Americans have a right to vote in a fair and honest election on our representatives. That includes all elected positions, and if we don't get that then the Union will likely disolve.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Not sure why it's such an issue to get a full forensic analysis and audit. Why do they keep getting blocked? I don't care about people's tribal politics, but if you are so certain everything is all good, then let them do a full investigation and audit. And if they're wrong, then laugh at them all you want. But as it is now, no matter what you think, it looks suspect until they allow the full audit.

steve 1 months

Hillarious. Conspiracist in Chief Trump and a bunch of lackies who know this will amount to nothing. This is a partial list of conspiracies the nitwit leader of this pack of sycophants has put forth or attached his tarnished brand to : 1) Ted Cruz’ Dad was involved with the Kennedy assasination. 2) Vaccines cause autism 3) Obama was born in Kenya 4) wind turbines cause cancer 5) the whole “pizza” gate “scandal” 6) Scarborough killed his aide

T a l
T a l 1 months From the Georgia Senate subcommittee hearing on 12/30/20. Evidence showing votes switched from Trump to Biden at around the 8:00 time stamp.

Aleks 1 months

So far the only case of voter fraud is a Trumpists that voted twice for DJT using his ballot and his mother’s ballot He was caught

MIDESSA 1 months

Bunch of h00kers on the street corner of Trumpteetville looks like to me. There's literally no low to low for this bunch of party over country nutz. Currying for the favor of the disgruntled double digit trumpateers knowing full well this will change nothing but further erode the very constitution they claim to love. Liers and hypocrites Welcome to the new GOP.

Tj 1 months

This is basically laughable shenanigans and posturing for personal gain. Something I’m sure you all have come to love and admire from the current administration.

Ben 1 months

You know, all this complaining and questioning about the electoral college and the way the system works would be really be avoided if we just didn’t have one. If we went with a popular vote system, There’d need to be enough evidence to explain the 8 million vote gap between Biden and Trump. 30,000 votes wouldn’t really matter. Fraud in paper ballot elections is relatively not that hard to pull off on small scales, but it becomes totally impractical on large scales. Probably can’t even get past 100,000 fraudulent votes before someone notices. Whereas 10,000 votes can swing the total in one state, and swing the whole election, it would be nearly unheard of for 10,000 votes swinging a popular vote. Basically, a popular vote would be much more resistant to fraud than the electoral college. Plus, if you really wanted to and won the right states, you could win the election with something like 22% of the popular vote all completely legit, which is so flagrant that it shouldn’t even be possible.

Down goes Frazier
Down goes Frazier 1 months

Cruz is a typical political fool, leading people even less intelligent than himself. This will not alter the election outcome, but will only start congress down the road to doing it to every new American president, be it a Republican or Democrat. It not only is a mockery of our election process, but lowers the US in the eyes of the world.

bill 1 months

We used to hang traitors.

Custodio 1 months

Has anyone else noticed that Ted Cruz’s wife and dad never bother anymore to be in pictures with Ted. Quite understandable since he has sided with trump who insulted both his wife and dad. It is undoubtedly the epitome of a Coward. No man in his right mind would side with anyone who insults their wife or dad. Apparently Ted has misplaced loyalty for an insecure selfish man/child like trump. I’ve never seen a Party so bent on its own destruction than the current GOP. Future history books will have volumes on this period of the Republican Party.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

“Trump's refusal to accept his defeat is tearing the party apart as Republicans are forced to make consequential choices that will set the contours of the post-Trump era. Hawley and Cruz are both among potential 2024 presidential contenders.” “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had urged his party not to try to overturn what nonpartisan election officials have concluded was a free and fair vote.” Although it is entertaining to watch the right divide itself this nonsense needs to end. Your boy lost fair and square, stop the whining and the false narrative there was widespread voter fraud. You’ve had two months to prove it and have failed to provide any evidennce and literally been rejected by multiple republican and trump appointed judges. #SoMuchWhining

ParaBellum 1 months

I hope I'm wrong , but I'm thinking Cruz is going to flip at the last minute, well not flip, it's all smoke and mirrors to pacify Pro Trumpers. On the 6th , theyll push off certification 10 days, we are happy and on the 17th , "We found no evidence," Certify SloppyJoe

Howard 1 months

The fall of Ted Cruz and the civil war in the Republican party is cracking me up. DJT: "Your wife is a ugly and your dad helped kill JFK." Cruz: " Oh yes sir thank you sir."

Sherri 1 months

How many audits do we need? These idiots clearly love to see Biden win... again and again and again and again.

Montgomery 1 months

If ted is involved I'm intrigued. He has appeared on many long form podcasts in the last few months. I find his views easier fair and balanced. Plus his history in court cases is impressive. I especially like his cases against facebook and Google. I though this legal shenanigans was a distraction.... but will review it again in light of the new information

Tiggs 1 months

Playing the game of politics, they're just doing what they think they need to, to keep their jobs at this point... So absorbed in their own wretchedness. They are getting ready to show everyone just how low they are prepared to go and prove the point that none of them should hold positions that entitles them to have sharp scissors let alone responsibility for others. 😂Regardless of what they say and do we have to find a way to forgive them for whatever they choose to inflict upon upon the USA and its citizens... Perhaps set up some""safe-space"" in their counties where they can all meet and hug-it-out.. or something..

Tj 1 months

@michael, more with the whataboutisms. 2000’s election was originally won by less then 500 votes in one state. Recounts later proved it to be a few thousand. Fast forward to 2020 it’s not even close. 5 states with a much larger margin of victory the closest being Georgia which if overturned still results in a loss. Sure it sounds good when you leave all the context out though.

Aleks 1 months

Now the banana Republicans are coming out in the open. We should note their names because they will always be remembered as the shambles that did this.

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