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Britain may be headed for tougher lockdown measures says British PM

Britain may be headed for tougher lockdown measures says British PM

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has cautioned that even tighter lockdown measures may become necessary in England as the influenza epidemic continues to rage. Concerns over increased pressure on the NHS and the higher transmissibility of the new coronavirus variant prompted a drive to enforce the procedures ahead of a better-defined timeline.

Flitch 2 months

Teachers unions urge, not the teachers. People keep on conflating the two. Every teacher I know, including my partner all want to be in school, especially after seeing the damage the first lockdown did to the kids education, but the teachers unions and headteacher unions are the ones demanding closures.


How many in this 'new record' number of cases are actually ill? What measures have been taken to filter false positives, considered by Oxford CEBM to possibly be as high as 97% due to high cycle rates? How many people being frightened by this information are aware there is little to no information to support asymptomatic transmission?

Martin 2 months

Isn't it just amazing how the general population will go along with anything? If only people looked at the facts and the details of statistics then we probably wouldn't be in this mess. Thousands suffering for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate.

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 2 months

Has everyone forgotten V for Vendetta? Cause it seems awfully familiar nowadays...

Dave 2 months

Woo! Smashing those records! Champions! Champions!

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