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Pro-Trump Lawyer wants VP Pence to be arrested for treason

Pro-Trump Lawyer wants VP Pence to be arrested for treason

Attorney L. Lin Wood, who has made some of the boldest claims of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, tweeted that Vice President Mike Pence could face arrest and imprisonment for treason, and execution by firing squad. Wood was referring to a theory that Pence has the power to block the election when the US Congress meets to ratify the electoral college vote.

R_Forde 3 months

Lin Wood is not Trumps lawyer. Basic fact-checking must be too hard.

porcus 3 months

Lin Wood has dropped off the deep end, surging past Sidney Powell. He is NOT Trump's lawyer though - that would be Rudy Giuliani.

James 3 months

Wow. Sounds like Lin Wood bought one of those Chinese tin-foil propeller hats and it's now broken. But, no worries, Sidney and the Kraken to the rescue...

Mpcooner 3 months

Not Trumps lawyer. This is the fake BS that gives Trumps fake news claims credibility. Stop letting your hate for the man make you play right into his hands.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 3 months

This is the example Webster’s should use for bat sh!t crazy. Thank you, Mr. Wood.

Rafael 3 months

You republicans remind me of a pack of hungry wolves who turn on each other when their hungry. In this case it's the hunger for power. Everyone who participates in the coup to overturn our elections and calling for violence should be arrested to the fullest extent of the law.

V!!!!! 3 months

Lin wood has lost his fking mind. Just like most of the trumpeters.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 3 months

I feel like suggesting a scenario where someone high in government being killed is gonna be met with someone knocking on your door, lawyer or not. I hate Pence and Trump both equally, but the thought of Trump essentially having someone else talk shit is hilarious to me, whether it is true or not.

Dorien 3 months

Those Trump lawyers should be thrown in jail immediately. This is pure slander! I don’t like Mike Pence, but it’s insane to accuse him of treason, at least treason of the Republicans. I’m not so sure about treason and corruption against Joe Biden and the Democrats.

michael 3 months

Treason is against a country, not a person. This is cookie cutter fascism, demanding personal loyalty to a central authority figure.

Eric 3 months

Apparently nobody here knows how to read. It clearly states "PRO-TRUMP LAWYER" NOT "TRUMPS LAWYER". Maybe try reading a book once in awhile.

ParaBellum 3 months

They say the Truth is stranger than fiction. Pence is doing everything possible to be a total traitor, TO THE MAX. He is resisting all efforts to get the election judged appropriately and is sabotaging Trump left and right. He was a real swamp critter and now Trump is just finding out. Only time will tell But this story is Exactly that, a story.

Gaunt Dusk
Gaunt Dusk 3 months

Well actually Lin said "IF" it was like the first word in his sentence? This is such a non story. Why did people write articles about this?

Christopher 3 months

Attorney Wood should be disbarred for seditious and false statements.

Neverless_ 3 months

up to what ends do some can go for thst check.... give away sanity...

ParaBellum 3 months

Well Pence is showing his true SwampThing colors Now.

Phillip 3 months

This man should be arrested for saying that.

Shaun 3 months

Lin Wood must have got his law licence at Trump university

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 months

Arrest and execute someone for treason, because they lawfully utilized authority of office?

Brian 3 months

What an idiot

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