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Trump claims COVID statistics are exaggerated as US hits 350,000 deaths

Trump claims COVID statistics are exaggerated as US hits 350,000 deaths

Reacting to the CDC’s latest estimate on COVID-19 cases in the country, President Trump called the numbers ’far exaggerated’ slamming the ’ridiculous method of determination.’ The latest report says COVID-19 accounts for more than 350,000 deaths, about 0.1% of the US’ total 330 million population. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said he has ’no reason to doubt’ the official death toll.

Tom A
Tom A
Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 4 months

That is because Covid reduced death by Cancer, Car accidents , the flu and so on. Look at overall deaths and there is not much difference between the years

Will Miller
Will Miller 4 months

By the standards of the CDC George Floyd’s death should be recorded as COVID related. After all he did test positive and troubled breathing is a symptom.

StanTheMan42069 4 months

According to the CDC, only 6% of "covid deaths" are without comorbidities. Meaning, covid only deaths. The entire metric for how deaths are reported is skewed to favor higher death counts for covid. I'm not saying covid isn't real, I'm not saying it's a hoax, but this is certainly not a pandemic. The government loves all this power they got, and they won't give it up easily.

TheMadDane 4 months

This disease is out of control. In my area our hospitals are overrun and dead bodies are overflowing from the morgue. Just yesterday I walked past 4 dead bodies on my way to Wal-Mart to buy more masks. Of course they were all maskless. If we would have just locked down more small businesses and worn masks 24/7 we'd never have been in this bad of shape. This disease is going to end us and it's all Trumps fault because ya know, he did everything wrong.

Rocket 4 months

Fraudulent hospital systems, in order to generate millions of dollars in additional revenues, are classifying post mortem PCR (faulty) positive test results to classify virtually EVERYTHING as Covid-19. Died of a gunshot wound? Covid-19; died from a heart attack? Covid-19; died from a car accident? Covid-19. Anyone curious as to where the Seasonal Flu cases have gone in 2020?! Apparently the advent of Covid-19 has "magically" replaced the Seasonal Flu!!! These CORRUPT hospital systems are as evil and vile as the DEMOCRAP COMMUNISTS that have attempted WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD!

Tj 4 months

Haha gotta love covid deniers. If you love trump, then you know covid was a hoax, please don’t take the vaccine and give it to someone who actually took it seriously from the start. We all know that 5g and bill gates are trying to mind control you.

michael 4 months

Due to states like Florida under-reporting, the death toll is likely higher.

Michael 4 months

Sorry covid is the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Also there’s aren’t dramaticly different rules for what qualifies you for having covid. A positive tests is what counts. You can say that deaths are exaggerated, but not cases. You have it or you don’t. Not saying deaths are exaggerated just that if anything was, it would be only deaths NOT cases.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 4 months

Well yes, not sure where trumps is coming at this from, but there an article a couple weeks ago claiming more than a few countries were lying about their covid numbers.

Rocky 4 months

Old news. Although it's nice to see him overtly acknowledge what we already know. We don't even have a standard for counting them from state to state. The numbers are not equivalent and the metrics being recorded are not usuable for analysis and policy recommendation. They should have counted covid like they did historic pandemics, but now we don't have reliable figures for comparison. They absolutely dropped the ball on covid from a statistical standpoint.

Sherri 4 months

My gawd, it's honest to Jesus frightening that so many humans in this nation are completely devoid of any intelligence whatsoever. I'm 100% serious. Thank God we have enough fast food and gas station employees, but other than that... just my gawd Need further proof? Read the comments from the trumpy junkies. Sheeesus

Tom 4 months

How is it that we have a disease that killed 350,000 people but the overal number of people that died according to CDC stats is basically the same as 2019 (pre-COVID)?

Mary 4 months

Trump is grasping at straws to keep in office for another term he knows his next is the only thing keeping him from being locked up. No mystery on his motives self pardon next??

Delterra 4 months

Lol except for Florida being caught under reporting AND our all cause mortality being wayyyyyyy higher than in previous years. We are actually probably significantly under reporting.

Patrick 4 months

Trump is right you morons. They've been pinning Covid on many deaths that aren't Covid related. Fact.

Conundrumb 4 months

Birx said in a press conference very early on that if you died 'with' covid, they counted it as dying 'from' covid. That's not an accurate way to count deaths.

Satan411 4 months

Argue all you want about the causes, Satan is enjoying the deluge of new souls to torment.

Miguel 3 months

On average there are 2.8 million deaths a year. By all accounts I've seen 2020 saw 3 million+ deaths. Now when you account that there are less deaths caused by things like driving the Covid death number doesn't look that off. All you tHiS iS a HoAx fools need to look at hard numbers and realize that no its not

Sigfried 4 months

[Laughs in Colorado]

ParaBellum 4 months

They are

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