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Data shows minority-owned companies waited for months before getting loans

Data shows minority-owned companies waited for months before getting loans

Paycheck Protection Program data analyzed by Associated Press show many minority business owners didn’t receive Covid-19 relief loans until the PPP’s last few weeks. Meanwhile, more white business owners were able to get loans earlier in the program. The first round of PPP saw $349 billion approved in just two weeks, but many minority-owned firms that applied to multiple banks early were rejected.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 4 months

The articles themselves refer to businesses in low income areas, with a lack of ties to the bank, and no employees being the ones most denied. Whatever the racial mixture is irrelevant, but is somehow the focus of the story. Have to keep that pot stirred, I guess.

IvoryDove 4 months

Alternative Headline: "Businesses that filed late and/or incomplete applications for COVID relief were largely minority owned".

AW1990 4 months

My dad is white, owns a buisness, filed early, and got NO loans. Will they be making articles about that portion of the population?... or just the minority groups who got theirs "late"?

Seekster 4 months

Because race baiting is an industry.

6Million$Mansplainer 4 months

When the demand for racism far exceeds the supply.....

hugh 4 months

I filed immediately and got nothing its not racism its burocracy

Montgomery 4 months

I can definately see race as being one of the information boxes that required filling in... Or was it maybe that banks preferred stable buiseness and this reporter wants to play the race card for clicks

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