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AOC slams Trump for call with Georgia secretary of state

AOC slams Trump for call with Georgia secretary of state

After President Donald Trump urged Georgia’s Republican secretary of state in a phone call to reverse the state’s election results, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the President and accused him of committing an impeachable offense. She further accused the President of ’attacking our very election’, and said that if it were up to her, ’there would be articles on the floor, quite quickly.’

IvoryDove 3 months

I'm actually supportive of the idea that former presidents can be be tried for crimes they committed in office, which both parties have traditionally refused to engage in. Let's start with Bill Clinton (Whitewater, Waco, Ruby Ridge, subjourning perjury, Vince Foster) and move forward from there.

MIDESSA 3 months

No way the "tRump is my God" bunch will never allow their God king to be questioned. They have proved that over and over again in the last 4 yrs. Just waiting on him to actually shoot someone.

Michael 3 months

If we want presidents to be held accountable for crimes we have to start somewhere. Trump seems like the perfect candidate with such obvious and recent crimes on record.

Aleks 3 months

Not only it is impeachable (not that it matters now that we booted him out) but also a nice record on how utterly unintelligent he is

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 3 months

When his legal team says that the attorney general needs to prove his position, rather than just saying it, he is actually doing the proper and legal thing. Leftist have no idea what they are ever talking about and just bleet out what the MSM tells them to without a second thought. Orange man is bad and that's all they care about. They are a mindless bunch of NPCs who will bring on the falling of Western Civilization, because they are dum but think they arent

Rafael 3 months

Hey Ivory we should have moved forward when George w. Bush invaded Iraq on trumped up charges blaming Sadam husain of having weapons of mass destruction which was a lie so yea he should have been impeached for lying to the American people. But Nancy Pelosi cut him a break.

Jason 3 months

What isnt!?! I hope the Republicans dont start this retalitorial impeachment shit. Its a meme at this point

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 3 months

Actually, please do. Show the American people that partisan politics are all you care about, and that their needs can be shoved aside. Prove to the public you are as crony as the cronies that you “call out”. The mask is slipping after all, since you did vote to keep Pelosi as Speaker, instead of standing up for your “morals”.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 3 months

Probably. But at this stage, what's the point? And also at this point, I'm certain that most politicians are guilty of something or other. Very few clean reasonable people should want to go into politics.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

Ditsy bartender didn't even listen to the entire call. LISTEN to the entire thing it's amazing. TRUMP was giving him every chance to fess up. He laid out all the evidence which will be provided on the 6th and told him what may happen if he keeps lying. Half way through you could here rattenburg fear by the end he could barely speak due to him knowing WE HAVE IT ALL. TREASON and sedition are Capital punishments. Get the 🍿 this is going to be BIBLICAL

Jon 3 months

Good god is that phone call embarrassing.🤦‍♂️ He sounds like a whiny 5 yr old and clearly impeachable.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

You did that already.

ParaBellum 3 months

It's AOC . I'm not sure she knows how to tie shoe laces.

Jackson 3 months

AOC 2024!!!

Xavier 3 months

Man some of y’all still like jerking this orange off and it really shows.

WorkingMan 3 months

Thank you AOC for having a "bigger pair" than 90% of the GOP.

SimplyLogic 3 months

Another perfect call....🤡📞👌🏾

Alan 3 months

Does anyone even listen to this bimbo?

S 3 months

What a slam. Who will she slam next?

Facts101 3 months

Go listen to the FULL call. I hate stupid people and I hate the biased media who condones censorship.

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