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Fiat and Peugeot shareholders approve huge merger of two companies

Fiat and Peugeot shareholders approve huge merger of two companies

The shareholders of France’s PSA Group, the makers of Peugeot cars, approved the company’s merger with Italy’s Fiat Chrysler by a massive 99.85% majority. Fiat’s shareholders were expected to vote in favor of the deal Monday itself. The $52 billion deal is expected to be completed by the end of March. This will create the world’s fourth-largest carmaking company, which will be called Stellantis.

Nunya 3 months

Two of the world's most poorly made, unreliable and low quality vehicle manufacturers merge.

chris 3 months

I can already hear their cheap cars breaking.

Andreas 3 months

Stellantis is a really ugly name. Must have cost millions.

hephaestos 3 months

"Cheap cars breaking" Thats funny. . You do realise these are the guys who make Ferrari and Maserati? Ferrari was IPO'd recently but its not like there is no relationship. Anyways, the US could achieve engineering wonders when it could attract the world's top talent, from Los Alamos to Silicon Valley. But after Trump and a complete democratic meltdown, including open racism and street violence, not to mention absurd healthcare and covid policies, a fair bit of engineering talent is staying away. The US will stay rich and powerful even after Trump no doubt. But the world is a big place.

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