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Iran increases uranium enrichment by up to 20% at Fordow underground facility

Iran increases uranium enrichment by up to 20% at Fordow underground facility

Iran said it had upped its uranium enrichment levels to 20%. Experts say this may allow Iran to produce a nuclear weapon within six months. This comes after a series of US actions that started with President Trump’s decision to junk the nuclear deal with Tehran in 2018 and assassination of a top Iranian general in 2020. The recent killing of a top Iranian nuclear scientist escalated the matter.

porcus 5 months

Summary is false; this enrichment was occurring well before Trump's actions - after all, the underground, secret facilities (3 or more of them) were already not only in existence but in operation. Trump just called Iran out on what it was already doing.

Qanonsense 5 months

Good job Trump. Dismantle the Iran nuclear arms deal, and low and behold, what comes next? Nukes... obviously. Trump is ruining my planet. I can't wait for him to be a thing of the past. Hopefully by then Iran will have proven themselves to be more responsible than the US.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 5 months

They've been doing the entire time. The middle east needs to become a parking lot

Dagelf 5 months

So... Say they succeed, and a nuke goes off somewhere... Who will believe the media anymore when it points fingers? How can anyone still comprehend the possibility of humanity itself not losing?!

Seekster 5 months

Israel be like: "Oh really?"

S 5 months

Biden: Not if I bribe them.

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