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Pharmacist accused of tampering with Covid vaccines is a ’conspiracy theorist’

Pharmacist accused of tampering with Covid vaccines is a ’conspiracy theorist’

Police said the pharmacist who was arrested on charges that he intentionally tried to damage over 500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine at a Wisconsin hospital was ’an admitted conspiracy theorist’ who believed the vaccine could harm people and ’change their DNA.’ Brandenburg, 46, who worked the night shift at the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisconsin, admitted he attempted to ruin the doses.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 5 months

Crickets from the right. This is why the right wing propaganda is so much more powerful then what the left is. The left (at least most I know) do not believe in the Qanon and other wack-a-doodle conspiracies. This guy just ruined his career and and any other chance he had.

michael 5 months

How the FUCK do you manage to get a job as a pharmacist if you think vaccines can change human DNA?

Miranda 5 months

In other news, the sky is blue

Xavier 5 months

Whaaaat? Right wing propaganda leading to easily preventable deaths? I’ve never heard of such a phenomenon!

Randall 5 months

Isn't that a QAnon thing?

Barry 5 months

Now I'm not going to say it was aliens but, it was aliens

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