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Trump may be at his Scotland property day before Biden inauguration: Report

Trump may be at his Scotland property day before Biden inauguration: Report

According to a Scottish paper, President Trump could be headed for Scotland instead of attending Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. The paper quoted aviation sources at an airport in Prestwick, nearby to the Trump-owned Turnberry resort, that a US military plane was scheduled to arrive on 19 January, and that the aircraft had been used by the US president on past trips.

Blarpus 3 months

What a whiny man-baby. Just suck it up and admit you lost instead of dragging your incoherent followers into a made-up civil war.

Tobias Quinn
Tobias Quinn 3 months

If this is true, I don’t blame him honestly. This voter process was so skewed, I wouldn’t sincerely acknowledge Biden’s victory either. So much illegal activity went on to create this powderkeg that it is borderline bloody Kansas 2.0. it’s a shame that we as a people would not consider using a better reformed voting process to guarantee that the value of the voter is actually kept and not left to the whim of special interests.

Joy 3 months

Three possible reasons for Trump to rush to Scotland come immediately to mind. 1. Transatlantic flights are expensive and to have America continue to foot the bill, he has to be wheels down before the inauguration. 2. The distance between Prestwick and Moscow is less than Miami and Moscow. 3. Nalvany

emily 3 months

Hope he freezes his ass off.

Rebecca 3 months

Good Riddance!!

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 3 months

Hop on over to Ireland while you're close Don, we'll have a few pints 😉

Ian 3 months

Don't believe anything these activists say. Only very very naive people believe them, but that will soon change when they experience what's to come if Biden is president

Andreas 3 months

Guess he is looking for some holes to hide.

Barry 3 months

Short hop to his new home in Russia

con-spiracy lover
con-spiracy lover 3 months

tRumps first stop on his way back to mother Russia to become roommates with Snowden lol !!!

Aleks 3 months

He is going to ask for asylum

Angela Clark
Angela Clark 3 months

Ahhhhh no shouldn’t the US Marshals be putting handcuffs in tRump instead of the US letting him leave the country? I mean he’s done more than his fair share of crimes to our country and democracy!!

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