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In deadliest week so far, US loses more than 18,400 lives to COVID-19

In deadliest week so far, US loses more than 18,400 lives to COVID-19

In the week ended Jan. 3, more than 18,400 people died from COVID-19 in the US. Also, nearly 1.5M new infections were recorded last week, up 16.5% from the previous seven days. More than 126,000 patients are currently in hospitals, up 25% from a month ago. The country has now recorded over 362,000 deaths. December was the deadliest month of the pandemic in the US with nearly 78,000 deaths.

Shakespeare 1 months

How many flu deaths this past year? In canada its pretty much zero where is been consistently increasing every year. Did COVID cure us of the flu?🤔

Shenanigans 1 months

Yet Trump once called it not that serious. That is why he had to go.

Alan 1 months

The US should do what south Asian countries do and make the scum that refuse to accept the facts bury the people that have died from covid.

MIDESSA 1 months

You know it took awhile for a lot of folks to comprehend the earth was round when their heros said it was flat. Mix in a dose of righteous indignation and heeeeere comes the deniers Seriously how many have to die before it's enough to finally admit its real? Guess that would be like asking what does tRump gotta do?

Ian 1 months

How many were previously healthy and under 60 is the question? They are stirring up fear deliberately, who has paid them to do this? How much?

Tom 1 months

but they didn't die of covid that's the bloody point they all had underlying health issues or at least 95% of them because that's the going rate now

Justin 1 months

Too many people are to quick to disregard these lives as though it’s just a number on the screen. Have some humanity. These are lives, stop making it political.

Tom 1 months

Has anybody noticed how the typical bronchial diseases have vanished including flu where is influenza where's pneumoniae oh yes they're the new covid death so keep forgetting

Matt 1 months

When the politicians blame each other, before you join a side, remember how lackluster they always are. We pay them with our taxes, and in actions they frequently exclude the "for the people" bit, as they fail us and wont listen. The sideline and the fence are reasonable positions. You don't have to join either team. You can demand better. Abandon the parties, they will never catch up to the times. We need new ideas for the information age. We know too much, and they are slow and dangerous to us.

IvoryDove 1 months

"It's Trump's fault".... "I'm not responsible for the increase of deaths due to COVID!"... "The vaccine (fastest in history) took too long".... ~ Joe Biden practicing in front of a mirror for his first day in the white house.

Doug 1 months

Are these actually legit numbers or are they still counting unrelated deaths too?

Christopher 1 months

So you had 0.0006% chance of dieing from Covid-19 this week? Bro, y'all be peddling fear.

Delterra 1 months

Thanks Trump, over population really has been an issue! 🤮

John 1 months

- co-morbidities (94%) 1100

Nikudemus 1 months

am I the only person who caught Covid and became immune? Or is it because of the blood of Jesus?

ParaBellum 1 months

How many of the 18K had ONLY Covid?

Tom 1 months

Yes but they didn't die of kovid

Travis Alex
Travis Alex 1 months

$600 btw.

Glen 1 months

How many people died from other viruses during this time period. In fact when they test for covid19, they can't differentiate what is flu, pneumonia or covid19. So they assume everyone has covid19.

Anna 1 months

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