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Experts worry due to COVID variant found in South Africa

Experts worry due to COVID variant found in South Africa

The coronavirus pandemic which emerged in China in 2019 has seen various mutations with time. None of them have caused major concerns except the new strain of the virus which has emerged in South Africa. This new variant is far more transmissible and could thus increase the number of infections. This could in turn increase the number of fatalities as well.

VanityCulture_ 4 months

Manditory yearly vaccines anyone?

Matt 4 months

Nothing good ever comes out of Africa. Dark humor people. Get over it. That had two meanings.

Marcus 4 months

Why use strain, variant, and mutation in the same way? They are all different things. All new versions seen have been variants of the same virus, which means similar symptoms and same vaccine, variation is in spreading and perhaps deadliness. A new strain would mean need for new vaccine and probably new symptoms etc. Mutations are always ongoing.

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