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Rittenhouse enters ’not guilty ’ pleas on 7 various counts

Rittenhouse enters ’not guilty ’ pleas on 7 various counts

More than four months after he was charged with killing two protesters and wounding a third a during civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse formally entered not guilty pleas Tuesday, triggering the next phases of what is still expected to be a drawn out case.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 3 months

It's funny watching all the anti-police crowd bootlick the everloving poop out of the miscarriage of justice that has occurred as a result of the obvious politicization of this case. If this were a cop he would have been cleared of charges that week, but somehow lefties want to hold him to a higher standard than anyone on the planet

Pj 3 months

He killed two pedos with a rifle, who attacked him.

Rocket 3 months

Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty of anything but defending himself against VIOLENT COMMUNIST TERROISTS from BLM & ANTIFA.

porcus 3 months

5 🐂💩 felony charges: - 1st degree intentional homicide of RedShirt Pedo Guy - 1st degree reckless homicide of Skater Dude Wife Beater - attempted 1st degree intentional homicide of Bicep Boy - 2 counts of recklessly endangering safety (shots fired at others) Also charged with: - minor in possession of a firearm (misdemeanor) - violating a curfew in effect on August 25 (civil infraction) FTA" "If what happened in Kenosha is not self-defense for Kyle Rittenhouse, the right of self-defense does not exist anymore in Americ"," said attorney John Pierce, who is representing the teen in civil matters related to the incident" "He acted in pure, absolute, perfect self-defens"."

Minty 3 months

Bruh that mugshot, I swear the goal of these is to try to just make the people look as horrible as possible, media used to go this to everyone but then started to pick favorites on who they used old family photos for and not

ParaBellum 3 months

If you're new here and you have some kind of common sense, you'll learn quickly which posts to read by the handle. Only a handful worth my time to read.

Doug 3 months

Ah! The prosecutor doing his best to make Rittenhouse look like Hannibal Lecter. Fair trial? No way. Lin Wood has his job cut out for him. It will pretty much all come down to if the judge is in on the fix and how the jury selection goes. The only way there will be a speedy trial is if Rittenhouse demands it. The prosecutor is going to try and make the kid break and take a plea bargain. Edit: I see the photo of Rittenhouse has been changed from how he looked at his preliminary hearing to his mugshot. Hmmmm.

L 3 months

He is an AMERICAN HERO. He was defending his way of life and his life in his mind. Hope he is free soon and has a great life. Good for him for standing up. GOD BLESS him and his family

edwin 3 months

So... just making sure here. He is only facing charges for the death of Huber the domestic abuser right? He couldn't have fired the fatal bullet that killed Rosenbaum the pedo. Also, since he only fired at people attacking him, how is that not self defense? Heck, 2 of them appeared to go for his gun and were legally unable to possess a firearm, so had he not fired and they taken the gun from him he would have been party to an illegal possession charge.

Eric 3 months

He was charged with killing two rioters and injuring a third. Protesters hold signs. Rioters try to kill you.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

He will be found guilty no doubt about it. The dude murdered to guys. You can say your not guilt all day long but at the end of the day it isn't your decision. I hope justice will be served and he will go to prison for life.

karl 3 months

Dont you find it a bit strange to call it self defense when he literally went to a riot? He put himself into a situation where he could use his friends' gun to shoot people and then claim self defense... unless you trumpers wanna convince me that we shouldn't expect violence from antifa? XD

John 3 months

No case against him. He was chased (by a registering sex offender) & approached by a man carrying a semi-automatic pistol. He was fleeing his pursuers & handed himself in to police after the incidents.

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

Unless King Rat_effer pardons him, rotten house is headed for a long stretch in a supermax prison.

Seekster 3 months

Good. Hopefully justice is served.

bruh 3 months

He is guilty. End of story

Jack 3 months

Hi, if I deem a person a threat I can shoot them in duh fens. I am le great arbiter of Shooteen!

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 3 months

He’s guilt of murder, end of story. Bye Felicia

Robo 3 months

This young man is a role model for brave people across the world.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 months

Dam defending this troubled kid who broke the law and KILLED two people shows how warped and insane conservatives are today.

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