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Proud Boys leader freed ahead of pro-Trump rallies, ordered to leave DC

Proud Boys leader freed ahead of pro-Trump rallies, ordered to leave DC

Henry ’Enrique’ Tarrio, leader of conservative activist group was arrested and released two days ahead of planned pro-Trump rallies. Tario was arrested for property destruction related to the removal of a Black Lives Matter flag from a church and charged for possession of firearm magazines. The judge ordered he leave DC and not return unless for court or attorney meetings.

Adam W
Adam W
FishyMacaroon6 1 months

"Possession of firearm magazines" So not even a functional firearm? That sounds an awful lot like BS charges to attack someone you don't like.

chris 1 months

Cool. Just shows the injustice and will only make them stronger.

David 1 months

So a minority unjustly seized and held by authorities then told he's not welcome there, I await BLM's response to this.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 months

blm and antifa burn churches, businesses, private property, cars, and the AMERICAN Flag (the best flag ever) nothing happens. Some guy burns a blm flag ( symbol of terrorism) arrest this guy 🤡🌎

TheCurrentModality 1 months

Well that judge just violated his constitutional rights, so there is that.

bill 1 months

Not only is Enrique a complete idiot he’s a rat bastard as well. The rest of you sissies should clean that mess up.

Zreak 1 months

How does a judge ban someone? Is there precedent for that?

IIzard 1 months

Political prisoner.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Good work on the judge. This terrorists must be stopped, him and his militia cause nothing but problems. These dudes go out of their way to throw on black cloths and tell blm and antifa while they burn property and destroy thing.

bill 1 months

Enrique ratted out his accomplice in the weapons buy. He will be DOA upon entering federal prison. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

Johnny 1 months

To everyone saying this is BS: your views on the law itself are your own right, but this guy is a convicted felon..

Custodio 1 months

This entire group should be arrested. They have already declared that they are Jew haters, bigots & racist. They said they’re no longer going to hide what they are because they’re proud of who they are. My question to them is, why did you deny it before ?!! Obviously, to deceive the Public of their real intentions. Well, this is America! We talk out Our differences, here. Intimidation and physical violence are the preferred weapons of the Gullible illiterates who get tongue tied attempting to construct a whole sentence. We have no place for those who desperately want to hold on to ignorance as a way of life.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

What's to be proud about now? One of your own was shot dead, and three others died because of medical emergencies. You tramp_pan_zees ain't nuthin but neutered snowflakes.

Monique 1 months

I’m glad he’ll ban them all thank god

Yoda 1 months

Honestly, They probably removed the leader of the group intentionally so that the protests at the white house would lose control.

van 1 months

What if it was a BLM leader will he/she be released?

GUYIVKS 1 months

Meanwhile blm and antifa members campaign for Beijing Joe.

Harriet 1 months

@ the “proud boys” Shower of idiots!! Get over yourselves YOU LOST! Grow up

Borther Bear
Borther Bear 1 months

TT, Token Terrorist

Joshua 1 months

This move just put Proud Boys on the right side of history.

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