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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un admits policy failures in rare ruling party meeting

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un admits policy failures in rare ruling party meeting

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un conceded that his economic policies have failed ’in almost all areas to a great extent’ and vowed to learn from the past’s ’painful lessons.’. He said this while addressing a meeting of his ruling Workers’ party, which has been held after 5 years. Kim is facing the toughest challenge yet in his 9-year rule because of harsh UN sanctions, natural calamities, etc.

Robo 3 months

Wow, when North Korea somehow manages to have more integrity than the Democratic party in the US.

Matt 3 months

It goes deeper. People claiming Kim now has more integrity than [insert political party or politician here]. And after all this time watching both parties fail us, you partisan hacks have less integrity than that. Kim is now two levels above most of us. GG.

Doug 3 months

Imagine chumpy45 admitting *any* failure. #kakistocracy

Doug 3 months

Apologizes for his policymaking but what about all the people he's killed? Some in the most bizarre ways imaginable? The fact is that people are going around him and his government and he's losing control. While expensive, western goods are becoming more and more prevalent in NK. It has nothing to do with him feeling bad for his peons.

Josh 3 months

Wow. More honest than Trump or George W 'mistakes were made' Bush. Though, I guess when you don't have to face an election it's easier.

Xavier 3 months

It’s really funny how they characterize their gov as a democracy. Just like how the CCP considers themselves to be actual communism despite having free market practices + other capitalistic functions.

Billy 3 months

Next action should involve a country wide over throw. The family dynastic should be euthanized and North Korea will reemerge as a great country and the Kim family should go down like Hitler.

Faittastic 3 months

Did he just notice. Circus empire, leader and military. Chubby needs to start freeing his own people before they all escape.

The Late Boy Scout
The Late Boy Scout 3 months

That’s because he didn’t do Communism right! -the Left, probably

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 3 months

Wasnt he dying and in a coma? Too much to keep up with.

Kyler 3 months

Kim in a couple of years *We were bad, but now were good*

karl 3 months

Wow, remind me when trump has ever admitted fault? Never lol

jen 3 months

I'll believe this when I hear/see it. Maybe.....

Jared 3 months

Man I really gotta stop opening the comments on here, people really out here making it about the US. Bruh

Gordon 3 months

How many heads will roll, literally, for this?

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 months

Sounds to me like Trump, and the riches of capitalism left a lasting impression of North Korea

Aden 3 months

Everyone taking have at both parties they all have their own agenda and at that point have their issues they don't represent the people anymore

MIDESSA 3 months

Does him need some more bro love from his wittle twumpy or just another love letter. Lol.

Sigfried 3 months

Give credit where due. If democrats had admitted faults in 2016 election, I doubt they'd had to ease voting restrictions and refuse to audit in the face of evidence of irregularities in order to put O-Bomb-er's second in charge despite his obvious dementia and zero desire to continue Trump's push to leave middle east.

Drew 3 months

Look UN I’ve changed. So about those sanctions.

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